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Aerobic Walk - Walking Workout

Improve Your Aerobic Fitness


Updated May 17, 2014

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May do this workout every-other day. On the days in between, do the health walk or the fat-burning walk.

Improves aerobic fitness, increasing the number and size of blood vessels in the muscles and increasing your lung power. At this intensity, 50% of your calories burned are fats, 1% are proteins and 50% are carbohydrates. The aerobic phase of your workout should be of 50 minutes or less to prevent build-up of lactic acid.


  • Start at an easy pace for 5-10 minutes.
  • Stop and do a stretching and flexibility routine for 5 minutes. Stretches
  • Continue, walking at a pace that brings your heart rate up to 70-80% of your maximum heart rate (MHR). Heartrate Calculator
  • This is a quick pace where you are breathing hard and able to speak in short sentences.
  • Walk for 30-50 minutes at this pace.
  • Cool down with 5-10 minutes at an easy pace.
  • End with 5 minutes of gentle stretching and flexibility exercises. Stretches
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