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How to Walk Faster


Updated October 09, 2013

Fast Walking Tattoos

Walking Fast

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Feel the need for speed? Walking faster can satisfy several goals.

1. Finish your walking workout faster at a set distance. If you walk the same route every time, you will be done sooner!

2. Get your heart rate up to the level for moderate-intensity exercise, so you will get the most health benefits and fitness boost from your walking workout.

3. Increase the calories burned during your walk by being able to walk a longer distance in the same time, or by increasing speed to the point you are burning more calories due to using more muscles (12 minute miles and under).

4. Finish walking races in better time and be able to outpace your walking friends and loved ones.

The following techniques borrow good posture, proper stride, powerful arm movement and other elements from racewalking. But they are not legal racewalking technique required for judged races, and don't include hip rotation.

Using these tips will help you walking faster and more efficiently, turning more of your exertion into forward speed.

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