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Exerstrider Fitness Walking Poles Instructional Video

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Updated October 24, 2013

Exerstrider Videotape and Book

The Bottom Line

The Exerstrider instructional video is a great tool no matter which brand of walking or trekking poles you have purchased. It comes included with purchase the Exerstrider poles but can be purchased separately or viewed online at Exerstrider.org or YouTube. The printed manual with it reinforces the video and is an excellent reference for walking with fitness poles. The video was updated in 2013.

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  • Describes how to assemble and set up your poles
  • Shows walking technique clearly
  • Motivates with benefits of walking


  • None


  • 31-minute instructional video on setting up and using fitness walking poles.
  • 50-page printed manual on how to use fitness walking poles.
  • Comes included with purchase of Exerstrider poles, or can be purchased separately.

Guide Review - Exerstrider Fitness Walking Poles Instructional Video

Tom Rutlin has been America's walking pole guru for decades, and his youthful and fit appearance is a credit to the technique. Tom's video has an excellent teaching style.

Setting up your poles - I loved this section, a simple step by step on how to set up your poles, especially useful for those with the telescoping ones who need to do it again and again. The concepts of how tall to make them are tranferrable for those who have other brands of poles.

Using the poles - Tom demonstrates his walking pole technique and how it helps tone the upper body. He has a clear style and excellent step by step demonstration. His "kickstart" technique to get your arms and feet in sync is very useful.

Frequent Questions - Tom addresses how often and how much exertion to put into walking with walking poles.

The Exerstrider video is well worth owning no matter which walking pole brand you have chosen.

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