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America on the Move


Updated August 31, 2010

About the Program:

America on the Move is a free online pedometer walking program whose goal is to motivate people to walk an extra 2,000 steps per day and consume 100 fewer calories. The program can be used by individuals as well as by groups.


Go to the America on the Move website and register. It is free. If you wish to register as part of a group, you need the group registration code.
America on the Move

Active Living Tools:

Each day you can enter your pedometer walking steps or your walking minutes. You can enroll in various goals: virtual hikes along Highway 50, the Lewis and Clark Trail, the Alaskan Military Highway or the Appalachian Trail. The tool tells you how many steps or walking minutes per day you need to average to complete your goal on time. You can record steps for any date since you joined the program. Articles are linked to tell you more about active living.

Challenge Buddies:

You can enroll as a Challenge Buddy and allow others who enroll as Challenge Buddies to view your progress if they know your e-mail address. You can add or remove yourself as a Challenge Buddy at any time. It is a good way for walking buddies to see each other's progress and encourage each other.

Healthy Eating Tools:

Each day you can select a way you will eat 100 fewer calories. You can choose from more than 100 ideas for cutting calories at breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, beverages and dining out. You can also enter your own ideas. The tool tallies up your progress in cutting calories. A healthful recipe is offered each day as well as articles to assist in healthier eating.

Goal Setting Tools and Journal:

Members can set goals, including achieving or maintaining a healthy weight, logging 2,000 more steps per day or cutting daily calories by 100. You can enter your progress in a daily personal journal.


If you need a pedometer, you can purchase a Step Counter package through the American on the Move store, which includes a pedometer and a Quick Start guide.
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