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Webwalking USA Walking Program

Chart Your Walking from Coast to Coast


Updated April 28, 2014

Webwalking USA

Webwalking USA

Go webwalking - chart your walking minutes, miles, or steps on a virtual walk across the USA on the American Discovery Trail.

This webwalking adventure covers 5048 miles - which you can complete as 5048 walking minutes, 504,800 steps, 504.8 miles, or 5048 miles. As you enjoy your fitness walking, you can follow along with the sights you would see on the trail. You can also fill in the segments on the printable map.

Webwalking USA Logs
Choose how you want to track your walks. By using the minutes option or the pedometer steps option you will get across the USA faster. Or you may want to record it as miles.

Minutes Log
Chart your walking minutes and equate them to miles on the trail.
You will see your progress build each day as a great motivator to walk.
Example: 60 minutes walking = 60 miles on the trail.

Steps Log
If you use a pedometer, you can chart your steps each day. Delete the last two digits of the total (divide by 100) and equate that to miles on the trail.
Example: 6000 steps = 60 miles on the trail.

Miles Log
Track your true mileage and chart it each day. Or, for a quicker version, multiply your mileage by 10.
Example 1: 5 miles = 5 miles
Example 2: 5 miles = 50 miles

Webwalking USA Trail

Webwalking USA Milestones and Trail Highlights
The American Discovery Trail winds 5048 miles from Delaware to California through great river valleys, over the Rockies and Sierra Nevada, to the ocean near San Francisco. You can follow along each segment of the trail with links to the American Discovery Trail web site.
Log your milestones on the trail as you complete each segment and pass from state to state.

Webwalking USA Map
Color in your virtual walk as you achieve milestones.

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