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Updated May 18, 2014

Footbalance Insole

Footbalance Insole

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One of the first methods walkers try to alleviate foot pain is to use insoles. Over the counter insoles are available in many varieties. The insoles that come with athletic shoe generally do not provide shock absorbtion or arch support. Remove the insole that came with the shoe to replace it with the chosen insole.

Cushioning and Shock Absorbing: cushioning is provided by foam, gel, or other means. This extra cushioning can provide shock relief in shoes that have little cushioning. Extra cushioning is also needed as people age and the fat pad at the bottom of the foot thins.

Orthotic Insoles:Some insoles are constructed to mold themselves to your foot upon wear and call themselves orthotics. These differ from custom orthotics which are created for the individual to correct foot and walking problems. The ready-made orthotic insoles are less expensive than custom orthotics, but may not afford the same degree of relief. These ready-made orthotics provide arch support and some degree of gait correction and cushioning.

Who Can Benefit
Most walkers will feel more comfort with a shock absorbing insole, especially in shoes or boots that have little cushioning. If your feet feel generally tired and a little sore after walking, adding an insole may afford relief. However, do not try to extend the life of the shoe by adding an insole. The shoes should still be replaced every 500 miles.


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