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Walking Calories and Distance Calculators

Find How Many Calories You Have Burned Walking


Updated May 30, 2014

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How far have you walked, how many walking calories have you burned, and what have you earned the right to eat? Find out with our walking calories calculators.

Walking Calories Calculator

Use this calculator if you know how far you have walked and you want to find the calories burned. Enter your weight, approximate pace, and distance walked to calculate how many walking calories you have burned.
Walking Calorie Calculator

Distance and Walking Calories Calculator

Use this calculator if you know how many minutes you have walked and your approximate pace. Enter your weight, pace, and minutes to calculate distance walked and walking calories burned.
Walking Distance and Calorie Calculator

Pedometer Steps Calorie and Distance Calculator

Pedometer users enter their step total, steps per mile, weight and approximate pace to calculate their distance and walking calories burned.
Pedometer Distance and Calories Calculator

The results these first three calories calculators give are based on MET research - metabolic equivalents of various activities.

Calories Burned Per Day

Find out the total number of calories you body burns each day. For weight loss, you would want to aim to burn 300 more calories per day.
Calories Burned Per Day Calculator

Miles and Kilometers Converter Calculators

Convert miles to kilometers and kilometers to miles with these calculators
Miles and Kilometers Converter Calculators

Calorie Count

Enter the food you eat and recipes and have them analyzed for calories and nutrition. Calorie Count

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