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Weight Loss Calculators

Walking Calories and Weight Management Calculators


Updated June 07, 2014

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Walking Calorie Calculator

Use this calculator if you know how far you have walked. Enter your weight, approximate pace, and distance walked to calculate how many calories you have burned.
Calorie Calculator

Distance and Calorie Calculator

Use this calculator if you know how many minutes you have walked and your approximate pace. Enter your weight, pace, and minutes to calculate distance walked and calories burned.
Distance and Calorie Calculator

Pedometer Steps Calorie and Distance Calculator

Pedometer users enter their step total, steps per mile, weight and approximate pace to calculate their distance and calories burned. Pedometer Distance and Calorie Calculator

Calorie Control

Daily Calories - Basic Metabolic Rate
Calculate how many calories you burn off each day.

Daily 40-30-30 Diet Calculator
Calculate grams and calories for carbohydrates, protein, and fat if using a 40-30-30 diet.

Activity Calorie Calculator
Enter your weight and time spent in various activities, including walking, to find out calories expended.

Fit or Fat

Body Fat Calculator
Measure your waist and other body points to determine your fat vs. lean percentage and track your true weight loss.

Body Mass Index Calculator - BMI
Find out if you are fit or fat and judge your health risks.

Ideal Weight Calculator


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