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Tracking Your Walks for Weight Loss


Updated March 22, 2014

City Pedestrians Walking

Weight loss progress can be measured by weight or by inches. Taking off inches of fat as you build lean muscle is the best kind of progress. You can also see your success as you walk further and more comfortably each week and build a walking habit.

To stay on track, you should set goals and measure your progress regularly.

Calendars and Trackers
Our free printable daily, weekly, and monthly journal pages and logs to keep track of your walking and other healthy activities.

Calorie Count
Use this free web site and phone app to log your walking, exercise, and the food you eat.

Forum Games
Join our fun Forum walking tracker games. Set your goals and post your walking minutes or each walk that you take.

Map and Measure Your Route

Online Mapping Apps: Use an online mapping app to draw and measure you walking route and calculate your walking calories. You can bookmark and save your route.

Calorie Calculators

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