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Updated January 01, 2014

Walking Feet

Walking Off Weight


A new year dawns and you are ready for new goals. We have free email newsletters and tools to support goals for all walkers, from beginners to marathoners.
Build the Walking Habit - Setting and Achieving Goals


Let's Get Walking
For the absolute beginner, this daily program will get you walking and build you up to the minimum daily recommendation for walking - 30 minutes a day, 5 days or more a week.
More for Beginners

Step Counters Pedometer Walking Program
Make a pedometer your walking partner. This daily email newsletter has tips to increase your walking steps each day, towards a goal of 10,000 steps per day.

Walking and Weight Loss

Walk of Life 10-Week Program
Get started with our 70-day weight loss walking program. Each day you receive a walking assignment (beginner and advanced), walking lesson, nutrition tip, healthy recipe, and encouragement.

Advanced Walking Goals

Half-Marathon 16-Week Training Course
Walking a 13.1 mile half-marathon is a great goal for any walker, and it is the most popular distance at the big events. This weekly newsletter gives you a walking schedule and training tips as you countdown to your half-marathon. Minimum requirement: able to walk 4 miles comfortably.

Marathon 19-Week Training Course
The marathon is the Mount Olympus of goals - 26.2 mile or 42 kilometers. This weekly newsletter counts you down towards your marathon, with weekly walking assignments and training tips. Minimum requirement: Able to walk for 8 miles comfortably. More on Marathon Walk Training.

Learn to Racewalk
Our online tutorial by Ero-Fit, Inc. has the basics of racewalking form, drills, and workouts.


Webwalking USA - A Virtual Walk Across the USA Track your walking miles, minutes, or steps and complete a virtual walk across the USA on the American Discovery Trail.


Walking Logs and Trackers
Calorie and Distance Calculators
Weight Loss Calculators

Build the Walking Habit - Setting and Achieving Goals

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