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Updated June 30, 2012



The Bottom Line

I never leave home without these in winter. Great emergency traction to make it across parking lots, etc. on ice or snow. I keep a set in my car at all times.
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  • Easily slip on to your regular shoes or boots
  • Provides good whole-foot traction on ice or snow
  • Comes in three colors


  • Can slip off.


  • Slips over your regular shoes or boots to provide traction.
  • Steel coils grip into ice or snow.
  • Comes in three sizes and three colors.

Guide Review - Yaktrax

Getting across a frozen street or parking lot is a nightmare. I always carry a pair of Yaktrax in my car in winter, since you never know when it may snow or freeze. You can also use these for fitness walking in winter, but must use caution. They will generally keep you from sliding, but you could probably still manage to slide out of control. Also, they are not recommended for dry pavement or gravel. But if on your walk you may encounter icy patches, carry these along to slip into and out of as needed. They are not bulky, so it is easy to remove them and put them in a plastic bag in your pack, purse, or pocket.
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