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How to Find Walking Friends


Updated June 09, 2011

Walking companions
Walking can be a solo journey, but finding a walking companion or club can keep it interesting and keep you motivated.

On days when it is cold, rainy, windy, hot, muggy or days when it is hard to make yourself go out the door, having a companion who you can't let down makes a big difference.

Finding the right companion and the right kind of companionship is the key. We'll go through each type with tips and tools on how to find walking friends.

How to Find a Walking Companion

What you want: Somebody to walk with on a regular basis.


  • Motivates you to walk by being accountable to another person.
  • Can set joint schedule and goals.
  • Companionship while walking
  • More security while walking.

Where to Find

  • Recruit spouse, family member, or a present friend. This is a very good option. It assures that you already have something in common with the companion. Talking and walking can enhance the existing relationship, spending more time with someone you already care about.
  • Join a walking club or mall walkers to find potential partners. If your family and friends are resistant to walking, go to where people are ALREADY walking to find your partner.
  • Recruit a partner online. Use our Forum.

Finding Walking Companions

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