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Target Heart Rate Calculator

Use this target heart rate calculator to determine your heart rate at the target percentage you desire for your workouts. It will also show you the range of heart rate you should be in to be in the moderate-to-vigorous intensity aerobic fitness zone.
Enter your age:
Level of exercise: % of maximum heart rate
Target heart rate at this level: beats per minute
Recommended target range: to beats per minute
Note: these calculations are based on averages. It is recommended that you exercise within 55 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate for at least 20 to 30 minutes to get the best results from aerobic exercise.

To see a different result for your age or target percentage, simply change the number and select the "Calculate Your Target Heart Rate" button again.

This calculator uses a simple age-graded estimation of your maximum heart rate and multiplies it by your chosen percentage. For a more customized heart rate percentage, you may wish to use the Karvonen formula which requires you to know your resting heart rate .

Using Target Heart Rate

  • Cardio Exercise Zones: Find out how you should use target heart rate to exercise in different intensity zones. By varying your workout intensity, you will derive different benefits for fitness, fat-burning, and aerobic conditioning.
  • How to Take Your Exercise Pulse: How to take your pulse by hand or with a heart rate monitor or pulse monitor. There are some easy methods to do it by hand, but you will need to have a watch with a second hand or use an app on your phone that displays seconds.
  • Weekly Walking Workout Plan: Vary your workouts throughout the week with different heart rate zone workouts. This plan can help you set up a great schedule to boost your fitness.
  • Heart Rate Monitors: How to choose a heart rate monitor to check your heart rate during your workout. Many heart rate monitors automatically calculate your heart rate zones and percentage of maximum heart rate. But there are those that show you only your heart rate or only your percentage of maximum. Be sure you choose the one that gives you the information you want.
  • Can You Trust the Heart Rate Readings from Wearable Fitness Bands?: More and more smartwatches and fitness bands are incorporating heart rate readings. But are any of them accurate enough to really trust?
  • Heart Rate Control for Treadmill Workouts: Some treadmills feature heart rate controlled workouts. Your heart rate as measured with a heart rate monitor determines the speed and incline. This feature can be used to enjoy a workout in the cardio zone you want.
  • Fitness Toolbox: More fitness calculators and tools.

Calorie Calculators

These calculators can help you determine how many calories you should be eating per day and how many you are burning via walking workouts.

Daily Calories Calculator : Find the calories your body burns each day, a useful number to know if you want to lose weight.
Walking Calorie Calculator by Distance: If you know how far you have walked, use this calculator to estimate the calories burned.
Walking Calories and Distance Walked Calculator: If you know your walking time and approximate pace but not the distance, use this calculator.
Pedometer Steps Calorie and Distance Walked Calculator: If you want to convert your pedometer steps into calories burned, use this calculator.

Fitness Calculators

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