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Walking Excuse Busters

Excuse 1: Too Busy to Walk


Updated June 14, 2014

Sitting at Desk

Sitting at Desk

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Why aren't you walking? What excuse is keeping you from stepping out the door or onto the treadmill?

You've found the right place: Excuse Busters will exorcise your exercise excuses.

Excuse: Too Busy to Walk

This green goblin of an excuse infests most homes. Work, school, cooking, cleaning, shopping, kids, laundry: There isn't enough time to do everything.

Bust it:

Commit to a walking time: Put it on your calendar, in your day planner, or set your alarm clock. Calendars & Trackers

Invite others: Invite your family or housemates to join you. But make it clear that this time is for walking and exercise, nothing else.

Work walking into your chores: Instead of stopping on the way home from work to do errands, I walk to the market and post office and carry things back in a backpack.

Hang Up and Walk: If you can take calls and texts without interrupting your walk, that's OK. But if those calls mean cutting your walking time short to deal with a "crisis" that really could wait, don't answer while you are walking.

Sneak walking into a busy day: Walk during your breaks and lunch at work, or go for a quick walk at home while a pot is stewing. Although it is best to walk for a half hour or more, sneaking in a couple of 10- to 15-minute walks burns calories and gets you into the habit of exercising.

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