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How to Walk for Beginners


Updated August 18, 2014

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Congratulations, you have decided it is time to start walking for health, fitness, and perhaps for weight loss. Walking is a great, natural way to achieve the daily physical activity amount recommended for good health.

We will lead you through a program for absolute beginners, with the goal to have you walking comfortably for 30 minutes to an hour, the level of physical activity recommended to reduce risks of heart disease, type II diabetes, breast cancer and colon cancer.

1. Preparing to walk: what you need to do before you begin a walking program. This includes whether you need to get medical advice before starting a walking program, what to wear for walking, and what kind of shoes to wear.

2. Walking Technique: Next, you will learn a good walking technique with proper posture, use of arms and leg motion.

3. Beginner's Walking Schedule: how often to walk, how fast and how far to build up to the level of 30-60 minutes per day.


We begin by getting you ready to head out the door -- or onto the treadmill. All of the advice included is good for walking either indoors or outdoors. To begin, we'll see if your body has any special needs before starting an exercise program. Then its on to gear-up with clothing and shoes.

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