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10 Walking Mistakes to Avoid - Leaning Forward


Updated May 18, 2014

Forward Lean

Forward Lean

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  • You lean forward more than 5 degrees
  • You lean back.
  • You have a sway back with or without a forward lean.

Somewhere you read to lean forward when walking. Or, you may be leaning back on your hips. Leaning forward or backwards or holding your back swayed can all result in back pain and do not contribute to speed or good technique.

The cure: Stand up straight but with relaxed shoulders, chin up and parallel to the ground. Think about walking tall. Think "suck in your gut, tuck in your butt."

Your back should have a natural curve, do not force it into an unnatural sway with behind out back stomach out forward.

Strengthen your abdominal muscles through sit-ups and other exercises so you are able to hold yourself straighter.

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