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Race for the Cure


Updated May 12, 2012

About the Event:

Race for the Cure® hosted by Susan G Komen for the Cure is a 5K (3-mile) run and walk hosted in many locations throughout the USA each year. This fundraising event benefits cancer research, education, and detection programs. Seventy-five percent of the funds raised benefit local programs in each city where it is held, 25% is distributed by the Komen organization to appropriate breast cancer causes.

Dates and Locations:

The Race for the Cure is hosted in various locations throughout the year. Search for dates and locations from the Komen.org site.


Each local event conducts registration. The cost is usually $20-25 and usually includes a t-shirt. Collecting pledges may be encouraged.


The standard Race for the Cure® is a 5 kilometer (3.1 mile) run and walk. A shorter distance may be offered. Awards are given for the winning runners. Many of these events have huge participation in the thousands and slow walkers need not worry - they will barely be able to shuffle in the crowd. Other local events are smaller. Some events segregate men and women, check the local event for restrictions.
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