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Readers Respond: How Do You Use Walking to Connect to Your Spiritual Side?

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Updated March 09, 2009

From the article: Walking the Labyrinth
How do you use walking to connect to your spiritual side? Do you pray or meditate while walking? Sing spiritual songs or chant? Walk a labyrinth? What spiritual insights have you made while walking?

Direction With God

Through my trials and tribulations i practice walking again. My focus was to control my weight loss and taking care of the physical part, but i knew my spiritual needed some guidance. As i walked i was able to find myself aware of my surrounding. My long walks were more like hikes, where i carry a small back pack with my bible inside. My walk were able to engage with homeless under freeway bridges and writing on sidewalks with messages. Many of my friends asked me if i have a route planned out. My answer to the route being planned out was more of listening to God. This was able for me to spend more time with God and having him give me direction as i walk and able to place words in my soul. I was also able to focus on a verse. My breathing and over come being tired in the legs was the last thing on my mind. My distance walking gave me many many steps and miles to think on how important God is in my life. Thank You Wendy Bumgardner for having walking.about.com to share our story. Garry

It's a Given

I figured, if walking with God "in the cool of the day" was done as early as is recorded in Genesis, it was also an appropriate activity for me! And so, that is my time with God - trail or treadmill - doesn't matter. If I'm walking too fast to commune with God, I'm walking too fast!
—Guest TommyTucker2

Hail Mary, Full Of Grace...

Walking with a rosary can make your novenas physicially, as well as spiritually, uplifting.
—Guest Andy Griffin

My walk with God

For many years I walked a life journey of infertility from endometriosis. I finally surrendered and had a hysterectomy. It was while I was in the hospital that I took my first training walk for my first marathon. I trained for 15 months, every training walk was one step closer to overcoming the emotional aftermath from the infertility. I did a lot of praying on those walks. When I walked the marathon I walked it alone with God.

Out of the church onto the trail

While going through a very stressful time, I found that walking was better for quieting my mind than attending church. In church, I would end up focusing too much on my problems and obsessing about them. Out walking, my mind would be cleared and quieted and I could open up to nature and to my friends. I could still sing praise songs and pray, but the act of walking helped keep me from spiraling into obsessive worries.
—Guest WB

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