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Readers Respond: How Did You Find Love on the Walking Trail?

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Updated February 09, 2009

From the article: How I Started Walking
Did you meet your lover through a walking event, walking club, or chance encounter while fitness walking? Did walking bring you closer to the one you already love? Come tell your walking love story. My husband is responsible for turning me from a couch potato into a walker. Our first kiss happened after a day out hiking as friends. What is your story?

Mall Walking

Volksmarch walking was a part of my life until I had total knee replacement. Jack had surgery and needed to walk. Now we walk every day. In bad weather we walk at the mall and in good outside. We are closer because of our walking. I am 82 and he is 77 but we never feel that old. My admiration for him has increased so much since we started walking. Our day does not feel complete if we don't have our morning walk. Bellevlle, Illinois has several beautiful parks for walking. We both feel closer to God every day.
—Guest Vivian Urban

We never dated before marriage

I barely knew my neighbor across the street but he had a beautiful Dalmatian named Thunder who I thought would make a great addition to my walks. He was more than happy to let me borrow his dog and it wasn’t long before he was joining us. We talked about everything under the sun and became really good friends. Then one day during a walk my hand accidently brushed his. I excused myself embarrassedly but he grabbed my hand and never let go. We have been married ten years now and he is still my best friend and my soul mate. We sometimes joke that we never went on a date before we got married but it was our daily walks that allowed us to know each other in ways that “dating” never could.
—Guest Erika

Money for Hiking Boots

When my wife and I started dating, her grandfather sent her $10 to buy hiking boots. I was probably the first of her boyfriends he approved of. We hiked in various places, including Mt. Manuel in the Big Sur. A rattlesnake skittered across the trail in front of us, and she almost jumped off the cliff. She was deathly afraid of snakes, but she kept going. Near the top she faltered. Certain that we were close, I went on ahead, reached the top, and came back to get her. She made it and then collapsed while wild pigs rooted nearby. On the way down I was the one who got blisters. She learned how to hike for me, and I've been walking by her side ever since. --Alan Cook

Walking daily to connect.

My husband and I have walked together for 41 years. We started while we were dating, because we were poor. Walking and talking has pretty much always been a part of our relationship but it became most important when we had a major change in our lives and we needed to be able to discuss what was happening without our three children overhearing things. That was when we began walking very early in the morning. It was easier to leave our kids in bed in the early a.m. and walk around the block than it was right after putting them to bed. Happily we worked our way through the major change in our lives and have survived many ups and downs because we walk and talk almost every morning, pretty much hot or cold, but maybe not rain or shine. My therapist agrees that our "happily married" status has a lot to do with our one hour walk/talk session each and every day.

Strange Attraction

My boyfriend was too lazy to want to go hiking with a group of us from work. And so I ended up out hiking with just my boss. I'd never really felt attracted to him, but watching him hike up the trail ahead of me, suddenly he was very attractive indeed. We had a great day hike and then had pizza together. Then he reached over and kissed me and, wow, that was it. We've now been married for 24 years.
—Guest Wendy

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