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Readers Respond: How I Sneak in More Steps Per Day

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Updated July 15, 2012

Researchers tell us that it is important to keep moving throughout the day and to find ways to sneak in more steps. Whether you're working toward a goal of 10,000 steps per day or just trying to keep from being completely inactive, what is your tip for making yourself move more often throughout the day? Share Your Tip

How i sneak in more steps per day

1. Park the car farther from work place 2. Dont drive out during lunch, walk 3. Walk up n down staircase in office whenever you have 5 min free time, or after u goto wash room. 4. Use a pedometer to count your steps, it motivates you to walk more 5. Goto shopping mall, you cant imagine how much of steps you walk in a mall
—Guest June

To add steps

Walk the dog twice a day, they get used to it very quickly and are good at reminding you, who can resist those big brown eyes......


Carry in grocery bags one at a time. Your neighbors might think you're crazy, but it will add tons of steps in.
—Guest Holly

Go shopping!

It's amazing how many steps you take when you're walking around a mall!
—Guest sheathermay

Adding more steps

I take mini breaks from my desk to pray. I walk or pace and pray for loved ones, the nation or whatever God leads me to pray for. By the end of the day, both Spirit, soul and body are at peace!

Additional steps can be added by

Parking your car further away from the door at work and the grocery store.
—Guest Theresa

What a great idea

Ok I can't add much but WOW! The simple idea of walking while talking on the phone - brilliant! I mean I'm a woman so I can multi task lol. Waiting for the microwave isn't bad either, but love the phone idea.
—Guest Nicole


Work doing landscaping, if u trim 9 hours a day thats abut 60000 steps a day I take. Then I go jogging 2.5 miles every other day. Do the math. Health at its finest
—Guest Dylon

Add more steps..

by walking while you are talking on the phone. I do a circuit from my family room, kitchen, dining room, then living room. Keeps circling until you complete your call. The steps really rack up especially if it's a long phone call! I also march in place while watching tv. You can get a really good workout watching a sitcom!
—Guest glasgowgal

Walk the building

Use your break time at work to walk the building. I go downstairs, walk the bottom floor, go back upstairs and walk the top floor. Ten minutes later, I'm back at my desk working.
—Guest Rebecca

to add steps

March in place while you wait for the microwave to heat your lunch/dinner.

more steps...

Walk to STARBUCKS when you have a break or lunch...ONLY get coffee or tea.
—Guest Joan

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How I Sneak in More Steps Per Day

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