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Readers Respond: Your 10 Walking Essentials

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Updated March 26, 2009

What items are essential for you to wear or carry when you go for a fitness walk? What things do you have to have before you step out the door and go walking?

More Stuff

I carry pepper spray, walkie talkie, flashlight and cell phone.
—Guest Bartholomew

what to carry?

I wear a Road ID bracelet--got it primarily for cycling, but now wear it for all outdoor recreation. Go to RoadID.com to check it out--VERY affordable, easy, and smart idea....
—Guest RL

As little as possible

I drive to my favorite track so I lock my purse in the car. I carry my cell phone and 2 Kleenex in one pocket and keys and and 1 Kleenex in the other if I'm wearing my jacket. If it's warm I tuck my keys in the waistband of my leggings. That's it.

What do I always carry?

I always carry my cell phone. It has proved invaluable when I have turned an ankle two or three miles from home.
—Guest S Nelson

route plan/GPS?

ID tag on my shoe, cell phone, tunes, Garmin, hat, sunglasses, water bottle, sunscreen, orthotics, route plan. Which model Garmin (or other GPS) is appropriate for walking? Map that shows trails (at least paved trails such as rails-to-trails) , logic that does not try to force your position to be on some road when you are on a trail NOT on a nearby road.

Additional needs

I'm diabetic so I always carry my meter and a snack.
—Guest April

Not carry, have along with

Companion - safety in numbers ? Dog - have to keep walking. Sunglasses - even when it is gray and cloudy.
—Guest baasbaas

All of the above....plus

I never leave home without SprayShield. It is a citronella spray used to deter aggressive animals. I have used it on untethered aggressive dogs many times. Having it on me literally saved my 80# golden retriever's life one day when he was attacked by an untethered golden retriever only 2 blocks from home. Another time, a Rottweiler jumped from the window of a passing car to attack him. That dog's owner thanked me up and down and wanted to know what I sprayed his dog with...so he could buy some :) I never leave home without it.

What do you carry?

hydration pack, mp3 player, gps, walking poles, keys, cellphone and sometimes a snack for energy


Come on people really? do you really need to take your medical records just to go walking? Music, water, cell thats it...
—Guest kim

It all goes into pockets!

keys; change purse with drivers license, credit card, 3 dollars in bills; tunes; cell phone; pocket knife on waistband. If stopping at market, I wear a pack to hold groceries.
—Guest jeriwho


Water, heart rate monitor, stopwatch, ballpoint pen. R. Barcelona


ID tag on my shoe, cell phone, tunes, Garmin, hat, sunglasses, water bottle, sunscreen, orthotics, route plan

expanded 10 essentials

1. Directions-to walk and on walk 2. Clothing-includes jackets and hat 3. Sun protection- Sunscreen and lip balm 4. Hydration-Pack w/water 5. Communication devices- Phone & walkie talkie 6. Footwear- Shoes & socks 7. Wallet-Includes money, emergency data card and ID 8. Pedometer 9. Walking aids- Walking stick. With a little creative grouping your 10 essentials can be very creature comfort-able.


That's right - flashlight. I often walk at night or pre-dawn, and the new LED flshlights are very small. This morning I saw a deer crossing a four lane road - predawn in the fog!
—Guest NOVA

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