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Readers Respond: The Best Dog for Dog Walking

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Updated March 25, 2009

Which is the best kind or breed of dog for walking? Is there a best size of dog for dog walking? Are some breeds easier to manage dog walking than others?

Don't Overlook the Collie!

I love to walk with my 11 month old collie. She loves everyone, is eager to move as fast or as slow as me, and tolerates cold, hot, wet or dry weather well. She is my constant companion and is so nonthreatening that people love to ask to pet her.
—Guest Linda

The best dog to walk with

Any kind of dog in the world, he is your pet,he loves you and you love him. What could be better than that?
—Guest casimira richardson

German Shepherds The Human Companions

But if you're going to have one or two as I do you better be a pack leader. They are great to walk. They love it you love it and there is no better breed. This very Powerful Breed is very demanding and human like. They are NOT backyard dogs!!
—Guest Gayle

Dobie Walking = Tug of War

He has waaaay too much testosterone or something and does his best to pull my arm out of it's socket. No fun walking the big dummy. I prefer to walk my smaller, female, Boston bull terrier anytime.
—Guest Pat

Big Ol' Black Lab

She's great at herding - a skill that gets us out the door every day! She'll do anything to please me so training her was a snap and she loves having me on the leash so she can keep track of me. So far (she's 11 yrs) we've never met anyone (2 legs, 4 legs, flying or swimming) that she didn't respond to with a vigorous tail wag and a smile. And she is hands down the most grateful being on the earth.
—Guest Lizzie


The best is an Airdale. They are very intelligent and love challenges.
—Guest Sandi

Doberman Pinschers

My totally unbiased(yeah, right) strictly non-scientific, thirty plus year study ranks the Dobie number one walking partner! They also rank way up there on the doggy intelligence scale! Talk about beauty and brains...
—Guest Sumayo


Both Minis and Standards. Both sizes are great little walking machines that will keep you well exercised. Their chief duty is too keep the humans walked. I'm sure the Giants would be good walkers, too.
—Guest Meg

Training Counts

I spent 4 years as a "professional" dog walker. It really doesn't matter too much what the breed or sex if the dog is in good health & properly trained. If the dog isn't in good health, they may need to rest more often than you. If the dog is too small (teacup, Miniatures), they may have trouble keeping up with you. Larger dogs (borzoi, wolfhounds) may want to go faster than you do -- BUT if proper training will eliminate that. Also as you increase your own speed & stamina, the larger dogs may even be good for you. I know they were for me!!


I think that the best dog for walking is an Airdale Terrier
—Guest Sandra

It's the sex of the dog, not the breed

Having been raised in a family with dogs, I found that walking male dogs was a stop and go proposition, not conducive for a nice steady walk. I learned to prefer female dogs for walking!

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