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Readers Respond: Walking Games to Keep Kids Entertained While Walking

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Updated May 29, 2009

From the article: Walking With Children
Do you play walking games or observation games to keep your kids entertained while walking? Do you build play stops into your walks when walking with children? How do you keep kids engaged and make walking fun?

How many steps

Draw straws guess how many step to a certain point or object closest guess wins first go first sec go sec ect. Repeat
—Guest Danny

Chatting O_ talk

Chat and talk as long as they can. Whoever talks the longest wins a prize.
—Guest Treasure

Photography Challenges

My children love taking a small digital camera on walks to capture images of birds, interesting leaves, insects and animals. Being the author of a walking guide for Brisbane, Australia - Brisbane's Best Bush, Bay and City Walks - means that we're out walking every weekend. When the kids started complaining that they didn't want to go for yet another walk, I handed over a camera. Having a camera makes children very interested in their surroundings. They'll look really hard to see if there are koalas up in the gum trees or they'll tiptoe around a corner to get a photo of a kangaroo grazing on new grass shoots. You can set challenges - take a photo of rocks with interesting shapes or see how many different leaf colours you can find. When we get home we make a slide show of their photos which they can take to school for 'show and tell'.
—Guest Dianne

Walking Scavenger Hunt

I remember going on a walking scavenger hunt with my girl scout troop. Each of the scouts was given a list with ten items on it to look out for while we were walking around the neighborhood where our scout leader lived. Each girl's list was similar but not identical. If we spied an item on our list we would point it out to the leader and she would take a pencil and scratch it off the list. The girl who got all ten items crossed off won some prize. Suggested items for the lists (red car, robin, dandelion, oak tree, beetle, tricycle, yellow house, picnic table, etc.)
—Guest lila

Bucket O' Treasures

This works better for the younger set, but bringing along a bucket to collect funny rocks, leaves, pinecones...whatever...keeps them entertained.
—Guest Violet

We look at everything we walk by

When we walk, we don't just keep pace... we also stop to smell the flowers -- literally! We may watch a butterfly go across the street, or talk about the colors of a tree's leaves or flowers buds, or we might talk about the sky. We are walking, but mostly, we're talking and observing what's around us.
—Guest Anne

Flash Cards

We made up a series of flash cards that have the kid's drawings of things we might find. (Flower, tree, car, piece of garbage, other kids, etc.) We move all of the cards we've seen from one pile to another as we're walking, like a seek and find game. You can have whatever written on your cards. We usually let one person hold the unfound cards and they pass the found cards off to the other kid.
—Guest Robin

Maps and Pedometers

The kids in my family love measuring things. I give them a pedometer and let them carry a route map. They look forward to seeing the "odometer turn" for each 1000 steps, and reading the map to see where we will turn.
—Guest wb

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