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Readers Respond: What is Your Walking Excuse?

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Updated January 22, 2009

From the article: Walking Excuse Busters
What excuse do you use to avoid fitness walking? Tell us your most outrageous excuse or just confess to your most common walking excuse.

my walking excuse

My knees hurt too much today! My ankles are acting up! My feet are killing me! I already spent a lot of time walking at work, now I need to rest!
—Guest sharon

My excuse

In the mornings, my excuse is that I'm too sleepy or tired. My afternoon excuse is that I have to cook and by the time dinner is ready, is too late.
—Guest julia

lazy? depressed? excuses.

It's 1:45 am here, and I feel exhilarated. Why? Because I walked tonight! There's nothing like the energy and the endorphin pouring feeling than walking. I'd stopped walking b/c I got lazy, depressed. Sitting in bed watching t-v was way easier. Then I said-that's it. I'm walking. And I have been. My husband promised me- we'd walk at least 4 times a week or more, like we used to. We try to walk after dinner-that's the best time--but-when you're out late -if you can walk late-that's good too! There aren't too many rules here. You must fit it in when you can. Keep some sneakers in your car-if you have to--walk where ever you're at, when ever you can. It DOES make you feel better! Just move! Go at your own pace. Like Nike says--Just DO it! I had to force myself to feel good! Duh! And it's free!


Can not walk due to severe pain. Have fibro, osteo, bulging dics, bursitis in both hips. Sit on couch all day. Husb. shops, cooks, does laundry. I also have saad, so I only go out approx 1x/wk for either lunch w/friends or doc appts. Can not shop, due to walking, can not do stairs, only one at a time help. Wt. is 212lbs. Ht.5'5. Have aortic anny., bp under control, chol, under control, stomach prob. , ibs, and had pat's but had sx. Had sm stroke w/no effect from pat's. I know I am sitting duck for stroke or mi, please help me.

Too depressed

Weighed down with family matters. Feeling so depressed and demoralized, can't get up and going.
—Guest bbisowk

excuse is coming

Actually i haven't got one right now but its going to happen if i don't see any results soon.Sure i feel good but want to lose some weight off my belly and its not working yet
—Guest chris

I love walking!

I was walking 4 miles a day. Then suddenly I developed a recurrence of sacro-iliac joint syndrome. The pain is awful! Every step is excruciating. How I miss walking. If you can walk without pain, rejoice. You don't know how lucky you are!
—Guest Bonnie

Why I dont walk

Its simple, I dont want to even though I need to !!!!!!!
—Guest jen

Heel pain!

I might be crippled! I might have to go for painful steroid jabs to fix my plantar fasciitis! Arrgh!
—Guest Amy


I keep putting it off during the day and will go "soon". Then it's dark before I know it and I have to wait until the next day and swear that's the first thing I'm going to do when I wake up but something else always comes up that I can "quickly" take care of. Then another day is gone.
—Guest Wendy


My motivation isn't usually great enough to overcome the pain of walking. So why don't I use my recumbant bicyle? My friend Steve has a really good reason for not walking which he would rather not have. He's paraplegic.

I feel so weak

I am so out of shape and get so tired ; my legs feel shaky. And it is too hot or cold. Maybe i'm sick and need to rest.

Exercise with bad knees

I will be needing knee replacement. What exercises can I do for my upper body that won't hurt my knees?
—Guest Peggy

Too busy and too cold outside

I have walking tapes I could use but I am too busy playing my piano and other musical instuments. And I volonteer at my church almost every day.
—Guest Ana

no sidewalks

My pitiful excuse for not walking is that there are no sidewalks here and I don't want to fall in a ditch
—Guest maur

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