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Readers Respond: What is Your Walking Excuse?

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Updated January 22, 2009

Other dogs

When I walk my lab, the neighbor on the corner, a block away, has a golden retriever that loves to bark and charge at us. This dog has caused us to run across the highway to get away from him. There are times when the dog has even chased us across the street! The owner does not tie him up. Once the owner was out when this happened. He yelled at me, my dog won't hurt you! I told him to put it on a leash or a chain because it chased us. He laughed! I yelled back, that this was not funny, and if his dog caused us to run across the road and get hit by a car, it would be his fault! He still laughed! I fear walking my dog, because his dog is always out loose. I even saw it chase the paper delivery car!
—Guest suzyq


I love to walk my dogs and they practically beg me to take them! I have a hard time getting motivated at times due to chronic depression. Once I get moving it helps the depression, laziness and I start trimming down!
—Guest Diane


Fear of dogs. Fear of other people that are walking. Fear of the fast cars. Fear of succeeding. Fear the phone will ring at home & I'll miss it. Fear one of the kids will call & I'll miss it. Fear of succeeding. Fear that someone will see me. Fear that I'll be attacked leaving the house, coming back in the house, on the street. Fear is a mighty deterrent. How do I overcome the fear. Getting a treadmill is cost prohibitive. The closest gym is 5 miles away and cost prohibitive right now. Fear of succeeding. Did I mention fear of succeeding?
—Guest Linda A


I really used to love dogs until I moved in with my fiance. She lives in a neighborhood full of loose dogs, and most days I'm almost attacked by one or more.
—Guest Ry

my excuse

It's been -10 to -25 degrees without the windchill and the nearest "health club" facility is over 45 minute drive away!
—Guest hamilton.kimj@yahoo.com

walking excuse

It's too windy! When I get up and my circualtion is slow, I tend to be cold and cranky. I don't need much of an excuse to avoid my walk, but I tend to come up with the most lame excuses when it is the best time for me to go.
—Guest Michael

Preventing sibling rivalry

I'm recent single dad with 2 pre-teens. If the sibling rivalry kicks in, I stay home in the evening to ensure WWIII doesn't start.
—Guest John


It is so so cold outside, and icy. I broke my leg a few years ago and afraid of falling, I have osteoarthritis. I'm 55 and love my CSI, once I start channel surfing..that's pretty much all the exercise I'll get, till someone or something will motivate me to get off the couch and out the door. Stepping on the scale sure got me moving....lol.
—Guest Jacquie

Good excuses

There are so many rational excuses, I will have a few more. Right now it is too cold and dark to walk in the morning, and I deserve to enjoy the warm bed. Also it is a time for meditation, which is very good for the body by lowering stress and blood pressure and sharpening the mind.
—Guest Linda

My Non Excuse!

The windchill here tomorrow is supposed to be -3 but when you have your "girlies" emailing each other saying "a treadmill, no way" it leaves you with no excuse -- so we'll bundle up, put on our yak traks and do our 6 miles tomorrow morning at 7:30 (we are in training for a 1/2 walking marathon using this site's training schedule!), walk, solve the world's problems and then have breakfast...I'm 51 and am the 3rd youngest of the 6 that walk -- so no excuses, you'll feel a whole lot better when it's done (and yes, of course, I'd rather stay home in my warm bed too but.....)
—Guest Guest Jay


I have a bad knee so can not keep up with my husband when he walks so set up time with a friend to walk--she has two bad knees and is so slow it isn't any exercise for me. I work in a small office with no room to walk and outside area has no sidewalks. Leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark. Live in the country and everything has been sheer ice for the last month. Treadmill went belly up a month ago.
—Guest wannabefit


I started already. Walked just twice this month. Feel too fat to be seen so it's a confidence issue. Also using the excuse that I'm still healing. it's a crock of bull on my part really. I love to walk!
—Guest Indi


I live in Bangalore India and the city weather is very lazy, its difficult to get up and go out. Right that's my best excuse - truth is it's my LAZINESS that stops me from walking.

Why I Don't Walk

It is too dark; it is too cold; it is too hot; it is too early; it is too late; my feet hurt; I need new walking shoes; I don't have anyone to go with; I'm too old; I work hard all day and I'm tired; I go to work too early in the morning, so there's no time in the a.m. hours; I get home too late, so there is no time in the p.m. hours; need I say more?
—Guest Sally

My walking excuse(s)

Maybe if I put them in writing I will realize that I HAVE no excuses! 1. Too cold 2. Have to drive to walk (!) 3. Old walking shoes 4. Too much to do around the house 5. I HAVE no excuse.

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What is Your Walking Excuse?

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