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Readers Respond: How I Motivate Myself to Walk

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Updated July 15, 2012

How do you keep yourself motivated to walk and exercise? What gets you out the door or onto the treadmill? Share your motivation tips with other walkers.


I use friends to help me keep moving. Start a walking group and everyone will help keep each other motivated!

It's just

Boring..... I think I'd rather mow the lawn, which I don't care to do.
—Guest NoDesire


walking is the best possible exersise. walking 30-60 minutes, a day is one of the best things you can do for your body. you should also know walking will keep, you healthier for a long time
—Guest zahra

I work in an errand in the neighbourhood

I go pick up an altered dress, buy some household stuff... whatever needs doing. It gives me a purpose!
—Guest Amy C

volunteer or a job

I don't drive,so I got a 'volunteer job' a mile away from home and another mile from the gym--round trip is 3 20-25 minute walks for a total of at least 3 miles and more if I take the 'long way' home each day.I'm 67 y/o,and I also want to walk in the 5k MS walk for and with my daughter in the spring.

One Foot Rule

If you are an early walker and find you lose your resolve to get out of bed as the days get shorter, just get one foot out from under the covers and planted on the floor. The rest of you will follow.

Motivational Walking

I check out audio books from the local library and listen to stories while I am walking. I kill two birds with one stone that way. Sometimes, I will stay on the treadmill longer so I can finish listening to the end of that particular segment of the story.
—Guest Josie1941

Me time

I have 4 kids, 2 dogs, and a husband that eat my attention all day long.....Walking is me time and my thoughts and my dreams for my future...=) it annoys everyone in my house cause they want to be apart of it but I WON'T LET THEM...lol...
—Guest Christina

My motivation

I have a big 100km event next year - one I did in 2009 and had to pull out at 88km. The missing 12km bugs me, so I'm going back to try again. Meanwhile, I'm doing at least one half-marathon and one 10km event a month to keep myself motivated til the long distance training starts later on this year
—Guest Starfire

My health

I picture my body in 40 years and I know that walking will keep me healthy for a longer time.

Spring flowers

The spring flowers really motivate me. The cherry trees and daffodils make me want to grab my camera and go walking.
—Guest BW

New Tunes

Download new tunes on my Ipod....can't wait to get out there and listen to them while I'm walking. And my dog!
—Guest Andrea

Fear of Failure

I register for half marathons, one every 3-4 months. That forces me to keep walking and keep in training out of fear of failure.
—Guest WB

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