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Brad Lost 120 Pounds and is Exerstriding

Share Your Story: How I Walked Off Weight

By Brad C

Updated June 01, 2012

Brad Lost 120 Pounds and is Exerstriding

My before photo

Brad Lost 120 Pounds and is Exerstriding

Exerstriding after losing 120 lbs.

Total Weight Lost

125 lbs.

How Long Did it Take?

16 months and counting.

Why I Wanted to Lose Weight

To fend off the onset of diabetes, get healthy and regain my self worth to battle depression.

My Exercise and Diet Journey

I started by walking outside at Milwaukee's lakefront about 2-3 times a week. At first I could only cover 2-3 miles. I totally cut out alcohol consumption for tthe first 2-3 months, cut out sugar, cut out ice cream & fudge toppings( a big one for me). I started to get healthy and lose weight. I started in February of 2011 weighing 350 lbs. By October I was down 85 lbs.

That is when I discovered the Exerstride Method of Nordic Walking using exerstrider poles, I was able to burn 50% more calories per mile than walking without them. This allowed me to power through the usual plateaus and lose another 40 lbs.

I am doing it while consuming 2800 calories per day. No 1200 calorie - starvation diets anymore. So now I am still 76 inches tall, weigh 225 lbs. and wear size 36 pants instead of size 56. I went from size 60 coat to size 46.

I am on a journey that will last the rest of my life and my wive who has lost 60 lbs. herself, is right there with me. Won't YOU join us?


Email: BCFitness@wi.rr.com

Yours in health, Coach Brad

Tips and Tricks

  • The 3 keys to permanent weight loss are the same 3 keys to initial weight loss - they just get tweaked around a little bit. It's YOUR journey, live it YOUR way!

Wendy Bumgardner, About.com Walking, says:

Fantastic, Brad! Fitness walking with walking poles is a great activity. More on Exerstriding

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