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Skechers Shape-Ups for Men and Torn Tendon

Reader Reviews: Skechers Shape-ups Shoe Reviews from Walkers

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Updated December 16, 2012

Model of Shoe

Name of product: 

Skechers Shape-ups for men

Date of purchase: 

Feb 2011


Painful to wear

Praise or problems with comfort and wearability? 

PAINFUL. Since I'm on my feet all day at work, after 5 months, I started developing aching in my knees and horrible pain in my left ankle. I switched shoes and felt immediate improvement. The orthopedic doctor told me the damage was such I needed surgery ; 3 month recovery, 6 weeks in a cast.

Toning and Workout 

No difference

My Review 

NEVER EVER WEAR THESE SHOES!!! Not worth the pain or expense in damage. My wearing them resulted in surgery to repair a torn tendon which required a 3 month recovery and 6 weeks with a cast, not able to work.

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Wendy Bumgardner, About.com Walking, says:

Check to see if you can at least apply for a refund. Skechers is one of the companies who is giving refunds as a settlement for advertising claims. Toning Shoe Refunds

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