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Skechers Shape-Ups Most Comfortable

Reader Reviews: Skechers Shape-ups Shoe Reviews from Walkers

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By govols13

Updated August 20, 2010

Model of Shoe

Name of product: 

Skechers Shapeups

Date of purchase: 

July 2010


Very comfortable

Praise or problems with comfort and wearability? 

Although they may be a little heavy for a female walker (I am a male) I have found the Skecher shapeups the most comfortable walking shoe I have ever had. I am 61 and I walk in a neighborhood with several hills and also I walk in an 8 story parking garage & get a comfortable walk with these

Toning and Workout 

Great results

What toning results have you seen? 

Firmness of calves & thighs

i rate these as a 5

My Review 

The pros are definitely the comfort these shoes give you while you are walking. My walk consists of different directions each day and every walk consists of a few hills. I also mix in an 8 story parking garage at least 4 days a week. I am 61 and I have noticed that my calves & upper legs have already toned up in a few short weeks.

The only downside of these shoes was developing a blister on the right side of my ankle where the side of the shoe wore when my ankle sock slipped down during my walk. As long as your sock doesn't slide down, you should be OK.

Again these are the most comfortable walking shoes I have ever used.

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Wendy Bumgardner, About.com Walking, says:

These are very well-cushioned shoes. Some models are not as heavy as the original versions. You can Compare Prices for Skechers Shape-Ups.

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