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Reebok RunTones Fell Apart in Two Months

Reader Reviews: Reebok RunTone and Easytone Reviews from Walkers

User Rating 2 Star Rating

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Updated April 10, 2011

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reebok runtone

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My Review 

When I bought these I thought lets spend a little extra on a good pair of running shoes, well was I disappointed! They don't really do what they say and I have sprained my ankle more then once! I have also never known running shoes to fall apart after 2 months!! And I only go running 2-3 a week. When I complained about my shoes they couldn't help me! I will never buy Reebok shoes again and from now onwards rather put my money towards a pair of Asics.

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Wendy Bumgardner, About.com Walking, says:

Running shoes should last for 300 to 600 miles, and usually by that time they are not falling apart. Rather, they have lost their cushioning. You can Compare Prices on Reebok RunTone shoes

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