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Walking: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Walking Calories Calculator by Pace and Distance
Use this walking calories calculator to find how many calories you burn at different paces and distances. Enter your weight, pace and miles walked to get calories burned.
How to Walk for Weight Loss
You can use walking to burn fat and calories and help you lose weight. Here is how much, how often, how fast and how far you need to walk.
How Many Walking Steps are There in a Mile?
How many steps per mile do walkers walk? How many steps per mile should you expect to see on your pedometer?
How to Walk to Burn Calories and Lose Weight
How many calories do you burn walking a mile? Use this chart of walking calories burned at each speed, and at weights from 100 to 300 pounds.
The 10 Best Cushioned Shoes for Walkers
Walkers need cushioned shoes when they go for longer walks or they will be doing a lot of standing. Here are top picks for cushioned shoes for fitness walkers.
Walking Calorie and Distance Calculator by...
Enter your pedometer steps and weight to find out how many calories you burned and how far you have walked.
10 Walking Mistakes to Avoid
Are you walking the wrong way? Avoid these 10 mistakes to walk smoother, faster and more comfortably and to get more benefit from your workouts.
10 Best Fitness Bands for Your Wrist
Reviews of wristband activity monitor pedometers. Wear these on your wrist all day to track your steps and view your physical activity online or on a phone app.
4 Steps to Great Fitness Walking Technique
Use these four steps for great walking technique for beginners and beyond. Walk with the right posture, arm motion, foot motion and stride.
Calories Per Day Calculator - Basal Metabolic...
How many calories per day do you burn? Use this calculator to find how many calories you should eat per day to balance those you burn off -- your basal metabolic rate.
What's the Ideal Pace for Brisk Walking?
Brisk walking is often recommended for fitness and to reduce health risks. But how fast is brisk walking and how does it feel?
10 Things to Stop Doing if You Want to Walk Off...
If you want to walk off weight, here are ten things to stop doing in order to make your walking more effective for weight loss and burning calories.
Walking Calories and Distance Calculator by...
Find out how many walking calories you burn per minute walking, and how far you will have walked.
How Long Do You Need to Walk Each Day for...
How long should you walk lose weight? Find out how long and how far you should walk each day to burn fat and help in your weight loss program.
15 Pedometer Watches and Smartwatches to Track...
Use these fitness smartwatches and pedometer watches to count your steps and track your workouts without having to wear multiple devices.
5 Common Causes of Burning Feet and How to...
What causes burning feet? Here are the most common culprits of hot foot, from problems with shoes and socks to medical conditions that need checked.
Best Walking Shoes for 9 Walking Styles
Use these walking shoe reviews and top picks lists the best by type, including neutral, motion control, cushioned, stability, trail shoes and sandals.
How Many Steps Per Day Does the Average...
Pedometer researchers find what is typical for total daily steps taken by men and women.
5 Apps That Reward You for Walking
Put your steps to work with these apps to earn money or rewards. You can motivate yourself to walk more for yourself or for charity.
Your New Treadmill Walking Plan for Weight Loss
Use this weekly plan to walk off weight on the treadmill. Enjoy a variety of walking workouts that will challenge you to burn fat and excess calories.
Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperature Conversion...
How to convert Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures with a calculator and with equations to do the math yourself
Don't Ignore Burning Feet or Numb Toes
Don't ignore burning feet or numb toes -- they may be signs of dangerous diabetic peripheral neuropathy, which can lead to foot ulcers and amputation.
How to Choose the Best Pedometer
What is the best kind of pedometer to buy? Use these tips and reviews to choose the best pedometer with the accuracy and features you want.
How to Burn More Calories When You Walk
How can you burn more calories during your walking workouts? Here are the best calorie burning tips for walkers who want to lose weight.
Free 10-Week Walking Fitness Program
Get started with the free Walk of Life 10-week walking program for fitness and weight loss. Each day you get workouts and healthy eating strategies.
The 10 Best Pedometers for Counting Your Steps
Best Pedometers: Top picks for walking pedometers to count steps and measure distance and calories.
Will Walking 10000 Steps per Day Really Help...
Question: Where did the figure of walking 10,000 steps per day for fitness and weight loss come from? Is there research that supports this?
Love to Walk? Check Out Our 10 Best Picks for...
Top picks for lightweight performance trainers walking shoes. These shoes for neutral feet allow you to walk with power and speed.
How Many Steps to Add to Your Pedometer Total...
Here's how many pedometer steps per minute to credit yourself for 115 activities, from biking to yoga, that would burn the same number of calories.
Why Do My Hands Swell Up When I Walk?
Why do your hands swell and your fingers get fat and puffy while walking? We find out what causes swollen hands and give tips to reduce the effect.
The 6 Biggest Problems with Sitting All Day
Research suggests that sitting too much slows the metabolism and may increase risks of obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome -- whether or not a person gets exercise.
How Far Is That? Miles and Kilometers at...
How many miles are in a kilometer, a 5K, a 10K, a marathon, or a half marathon and vice versa? How long does it take to walk each distance?
Ideal Weight Calculator for Adults
What is the right weight for your height? Use this ideal weight calculator for women and men.
Set the Pace for Fat Burning with These Walking...
How fast should you walk to lose weight and burn fat? Here is what a fat-burning walking pace feels like, and how to walk fast enough for weight loss.
How to Pick the Right Walking Shoe
How to choose the best walking shoes. What to look for in a fitness walking shoe, the different types available, reviews and top picks for each type.
How to Set Your Pedometer or Fitness Band for...
Is the distance measure off on your pedometer or fitness band? Here is how to measure and set the stride length or step length for better accuracy.
Apps and Monitors to Reduce Sitting Time
What apps and gadgets can help you reduce the amount of time you spend sitting and inactive each day? We list and review them.
Use This Walking Workout Plan for Successful...
Use this weekly walking workout schedule to walk for weight loss. Vary your walks with short and long days and be consistent to lose weight.
How a 20-Minute Walk Can Save Your Life
A simple 20-minute brisk walk each day may reduce your risks of death. Inactivity kills twice as many people as obesity, according to a large study.
Top 9 Walking Shoes With Motion Control...
Top picks for motion control shoes for walking and running. Overpronators need motion control shoes to correct their gait and prevent injury.
Target Heart Rate Calculator
Use this target heart rate calculator to find your beats per minute for any percentage of maximum, plus the best exercise intensity zone.
How Many Calories Can You Burn While Walking?
Use these online walking calories and distance calculators to see how much you have burned off and how far you have walked.
On Your Feet All Day? Check Out These...
Top picks for comfort shoes for problem feet. These shoes are designed for those who are on their feet all day, especially for those who have pain when wearing other shoes.
10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Walk
Do you have trouble getting started? Here are 10 top ways to motivate yourself to walk and get moving.
Why Do My Toes Go Numb When Walking?
What might be causing your toes to go numb when walking? Toe numbness may be due to shoe problems, peripheral neuropathy or other conditions.
Our Top 9 Picks for the Best Walking Sandals
Walking sandals for fitness walking and trail walking need good support and stability. Here are top picks for sandals to wear on the trail or for fitness walking.
The 10 Best Stability Shoes for Walkers
Stability shoes provide support for walkers and may have a small amount of motion control. Here are top picks for stability shoes for walkers.
How to Get Results from a Weekly Walking...
What is your maximum heart rate based on your age? Page 3.
Getting from the Couch to a 5K Walk for Beginners
This training schedule will allow beginner walkers to enjoy their first 5K walking event.
Are You Really Walking Enough to Lose Weight?
Are you walking enough to lose weight walking? The recommendation for walking off weight is to walk an hour a day most days of the week at a moderate pace.
How to Start a New Walking Program for Beginners
Learn how to start walking for health, fitness, and weight loss with these beginner's walking lessons. Learn walking technique, schedule and more.
What Are Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs?
Why does your heel or bottom of your foot hurt when you walk? Plantar fasciitis and heel spur are common causes of walking foot pain.
Manual vs Motorized: Which Type of Treadmill is...
Manual treadmills cost far less than motorized treadmills, but are they as effective? Find out the bottom line on getting a good workout.
How Can You Measure How Fast You are Walking?
How do you find out how fast you are walking? What are the rules of thumb and the best ways to measure walking speed?
Walking and Running Pace and Speed Calculator
Pace calculator for walkers and runners. Enter your finish time and distance to find your pace, or your pace to find your finish time or final distance.
Good News and Bad News for Losing Weight by...
What good does walking do when it comes to losing weight? Here is the good news and the bad news - walking can burn fat, but you must still eat less.
10 Key Treadmill Walking Mistakes to Avoid
Get the most out of your treadmill workouts by avoiding common walking mistakes. Make the most of every exercise minute by eliminating these errors.
Which New Fitbit Will Fit You Best?
Which Fitbit will work best for to track your activity, walking steps, diet, sleep and more? Meet the new Fitbits and current popular models.
Rockport 1-Mile Walking Fitness Test Calculator...
Use this walking fitness test calculator to do a Rockport Walking Fitness Test to calculate your VO2Max and reveal your fitness level.
Walking Distance Converter Calculators -...
Walking distance calculators for converting kilometers to miles, with estimated walking time.
What to Look for When You Buy Walking Shoes
Before you buy walking shoes: how to select the right walking shoes for your feet, stride, and pace. How to get fit right for walking shoes.
Walking Excuse Busters - Are You Too Busy to...
It's easy to come up with excuses to not do your walking workout. We bust the most common ones, starting with thinking you're too busy to walk.
Tricks for Lacing Your Shoes to Fit Right
Learn how to lace your walking shoes to fit right when you have a wide or narrow foot or heel and how to tie shoelaces to prevent heel slippage.
9 Products to Relieve the Pain of Plantar...
Top picks for relief of plantar fasciitis and heel spur heel pain. If you have been diagnosed with these painful foot conditions, these items may help relieve the pain as you heal.
Are You Walking in the Fat-Burning Zone?
Walking is great for fat-burning workout. How long and at what speed and intensity should you walk to burn the most fat during exercise?
BMI Calculator - Body Mass Index
Use this BMI calculator to find your Body Mass Index. Enter your height and weight for the calculation, which is an indicator of whether you are overweight.
4 Big Differences Between Running Shoes and...
What are the differences between a running shoe and a walking shoe? Find out what makes a running shoe different from a walking shoe.
8 Pedometer Apps to Get You Moving
Pedometer apps use your mobile's built-in accelerometer to track your daily steps, workouts, and activity data. Here are the top-rated ones for iOS and Android.
What Is Anaerobic Metabolism?
Definition of anaerobic metabolism. The body uses this method to fuel muscles without oxygen for short bursts, producing lactic acid.
Try This Warm-Up Stretching Routine Before Your...
A warm-up stretching routine for walkers.
Do You Get this Leg Rash Walking in Hot Weather?
Golfer's vasculitis is a heat rash many walkers experience after walking in the heat. It is a non-itchy red rash seen on the lower leg after walking in hot weather.
Warning Signs of a Heart Attack or Stroke for...
Know the warning signs for heart attack or stroke to keep you and your walking partners safe. Seek immediate help if you have these symptoms.
What Exactly Is Moderate Intensity Exercise?
What is moderate intensity exercise? What types of exercise are defined as moderate intensity exercise?
Get the Right Shoes for Overpronation or...
What are pronation, overpronation and supination? Find out how your feet roll with each step and how that affects your walking gait and what shoes you need.
How to Use Target Heart Rate Zones for Exercise
What are the different heart rate training zones? Find out what each zone feels like and the benefits of working out in the different zones. Page 2.
Tips for Avoiding and Treating Shin Splints
How to prevent and treat shin splints when you walk or run. Tactics include using the right stride, shin stretches and finding the right shoes.
How Much Exercise Do You Need if You are Over 65?
If you're over age 65, how much exercise do you need? What kind? The American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association issue their recommendations.
Beginners: Use This Schedule to Train for Your...
Train to walk your first 10K walk with this training schedule for beginner walkers. More advanced walkers can use it to build speed and endurance.
11 Great Picks for Fitness Walking Socks
Top picks for walking sock that can wick away sweat to help prevent blisters for walkers..
When Should You Replace Your Walking Shoes?
How often should you replace your walking shoes? How do you know when it's time to get new shoes?
Top 12 Outdoor Walking Sticks for Style and...
Top picks for single walking sticks or hiking staffs or hiking sticks. Use these sticks for stability on the trail.
Improve Your Walking Routine with Good Body...
How to use the proper posture for walking comfort and efficient walking technique. Straighten up and look ahead to be able to walk faster and longer.
How to Tell if You're an Overpronator
What are the signs that you overpronate and will need motion control shoes or inserts to correct overpronation?
What You Can Do for Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain
Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of foot pain and heel pain for walkers. Find out about prevention and treatment for this condition.
How Many Treadmill Calories Are You Really...
How many treadmill calories are you really burning? Find the most accurate ways to measure workout calories and whether to trust the numbers.
Get the Most from the Fitbit Flex Fitness Band...
A review of the Fitbit Flex, a wristband activity monitor pedometer that syncs wirelessly with PC, Mac and iOS and Android apps.
Can You Wear Running Shoes for Fitness Walking?
Can you wear running shoes for walking? What should you look for in a shoe to determine whether it will work for walking?
The Top 8 Things to Consider Before You Buy a...
How can you find the best home treadmill? Use these tips to know what to look for in a machine for your home workouts, including top picks by price.
What to Eat Before a Morning Walking Workout
What should you eat before a morning exercise walk? Should you eat after walking?
Use These Online Tools and Apps to Plan a...
How to map your walks with an app or online walking route planner, including Google Maps. Create a map and directions for a walking workout or a route to a destination.
How to Prevent Runners' Trots and Workout...
Few things are more embarrassing that exercise-related diarrhea. Find out how to prevent runners' trots, flatulence or gas during your workouts.
How to Boost Your Walking Speed
Learn how to walk faster. If you want to speed up your walking, you can learn these simple techniques, workouts and drills and get the right shoes.
What's the Best Time of Day to Walk? Morning -...
Which is a better time of day to walk or exercise? Here is the research on the pros and cons of workouts in the morning, afternoon or evening.
10 Worst Diet Mistakes Active People Make
These are the 10 worst diet mistakes that active people make. Not getting the right nutrition can keep you from achieving your fitness goals.
Weight Loss Calculators
Use these calculators when you are dieting and exercising for weight loss. Calculate calories burned, body fat index, daily calories and more.
Here's a 30-Day Quick Start Guide for New...
Walking 30-day quick start guide for beginner walkers. How long to walk. How fast to walk. Weekly walking schedule for beginners to build your walking time and distance.
Walking Distance Converter Calculator - Convert...
Walking distance calculator for converting miles to kilometers, with estimated walking time.
These are the Walking Apps Readers Loved Best
These walking apps were the winner and finalists in our About.com Walking Readers' Choice Awards. They are all apps that map and measure your walk.
Here's What You Need to Know About SAS Walking...
SAS Shoes have been favorites among walkers for over 25 years. These SAS shoe reviews show what walkers like about them.
Simple Ways to Track Your Walks
Use these walking logs and journal calendars to track your walking distance, speed, time and notes. Free printable logs and an Excel spreadsheet.
Which is Better - Counting Pedometer Steps or...
A pedometer research study analyzed whether people with diabetes would walk more if given a total daily steps goal or a dedicated walking time goal. The step goal won.
How to Walk: A Guide for Absolute Beginner...
How to walk - walking schedule for beginners. How long to walk. How fast to walk. Weekly walking schedule for beginners to build your walking time and distance.
What is Black Toenail?
Black toenail happens when you run or walk and injure the toenail. Find out how to reduce the pain and what to expect as the toenail grows out.
What to Know Before You Buy Walking Poles
Points to consider before buying fitness walking poles or trekking poles, including whether to buy a single walking stick or a pair of poles.
Get Moving with the Fitbit Charge Fitness Band...
The Fitbit Charge fitness band pedometer displays steps and time and you can track workouts and sleep. View your data with the app and online.
What Are the Best Shoes for Fast Walking?
What should you look for in shoes if you want to walk faster? Here are the ways to judge whether a shoe will be good for speedwalking or racewalking.
What Happens When You Get a Black Toenail?
Walkers and runners get black toenails from their toes hitting the front of their shoes. These black toenail photos show what happens as you get a black toenail and lose it.
Which Pedometers are the Most Accurate?
Research finds the most accurate pedometers to wear to count daily step totals.
Is the FitBit One Activity Tracker Worth the...
A review of the Fitbit One, a wireless activity monitor and sleep tracker.
The Fitbit Charge HR Tracks Your Heart Rate...
The Fitbit Charge HR fitness band has continuous heart rate readings without a strap, in addition to tracking steps, distance, calories and sleep.
The Top 11 Trail Shoes for Walkers
Top picks for trail shoes for walkers and runners who need traction and foot protection for natural trails.
10 Top Picks for Pocket Pedometers
New pocket pedometer designs can be carried in your pocket or on a lanyard rather than clipped to your waistband. Here are top picks for pocket pedometers.
Is It Better to Walk Outdoors or on a Treadmill?
Which is better -- treadmill indoors or walking outdoors? Is walking inside on the treadmill as good as walking outside on a track or sidewalk? Find out the advantages and disadvantages of treadmill vs. outside walking.
8 Hacks to Sit Less and Save Your Life
Sitting is the new smoking - it greatly increases your health risks. Here are ways to break up long periods of sitting and reduce your sitting time.
Does Running Burn More Calories than Walking?
Does running burn more calories than walking? It all depends on the math you use and how far you walk or run.
Fat-Burning Walking Workout
Use this fat burning walking workout to burn off stored fat. How far, how fast and at what heart rate to achieve for a fat burning walk.
Here's Our Extensive List of Songs to Walk To
Song titles about walking and songs for walkers
11 Rules for Staying Safe While Walking
Be careful out there. Use these walking safety rules to help keep you safe while walking.
The Newest Gadget to Improve Your Daily Walk
How well does the Pebble smart watch work for walkers as a pedometer and fitness monitor? The Pebble UP watch app is a winner.
Stop Thinking That Walking Will Give You Big...
Will you get big legs from walking, especially walking on an incline or uphill? Lorra Garrick explains how aerobic exercise such as walking, running, or hiking tones lean muscle and not bulk.
Can You Wear New Balance Running Shoes for...
Can you wear New Balance running shoes for walking? They have a full range of athletic shoes in styles, shoe lasts and widths that work for walkers.
The Best Stretching and Mobility Exercises for...
Use this short stretching routine before walking, after warming up, or use it after a walking workout. The stretches progress from head to toe.
How Fast Should You Walk to Burn Fat?
How fast should you walk for fitness and weight loss? Let your heart rate be your guide for what walking speed is right for your workouts.
7 Fitness Tracker Hacks to Addict You to Using It
How can you be one of the 25% that stick with using your Fitbit or other fitness tracker rather than abandoning it in the sock drawer?
12 Things to Keep Your Shoelaces Tied
Tired of laces that come untied? Try these shoelace locks and systems to keep your shoelaces tied.
How Many Pedometer Steps Per Day do Children...
How many steps per day do children need to maintain a healthy body? Research studies tell how many pedometer steps kids need for healthy activity.
What is a Resting Heart Rate?
Resting heart rate (RHR) is defined as the number of times your heart beats per minute while at complete rest. It gets lower as you improve fitness.
A 1-Minute Stretch for Your Shins
Learn how to properly and effectively stretch your shins with these stretches for the anterior tibialis muscle at the front of your leg.
Start Walking - Your Week 1 Guide to the Walk...
Week 1 of the Walk of Life Program for fitness and weight loss through walking
Omron HJ-321 Smart Pedometer Review
The Omron HJ-321 Tri-Axis Pedometer Review is a highly accurate 3D smart sensor pedometer with seven-day memory.
Top 12 Items for Night Walking and Jogging Safety
To be safe when walking at night, you need to glow from head to toe. Here are my top picks for night reflective gear and lights for night walking safety.
How to Get Started Racewalking
Learn how to racewalk with a tutorial on the basics of the technique and further resources for coaching, videos, clubs and competitions.
The 10 Best Budget Treadmills
If you are looking for a budget treadmill priced from $500 to $1500, here are good picks according to several treadmill review sources.
10 Reasons You Should Start Walking Today
Why should you start walking? Here are ten reasons to start walking to improve your health, build your fitness, and improve your mental attitude.
Webwalking USA Virtual Walk
Webwalking USA Walking Program - chart your walking miles, minutes, or steps on a virtual walk from coast to coast on the American Discovery Trail.
Do You Get Itchy Legs When You Exercise?
Do you get itchy legs when you walk or exercise? Here are some of the symptoms and causes for this irritating problem.
What to Eat on a 1200 Calorie Diet
Diet guidelines for a 1200 calorie diet and a 1500 calorie diet to lose weight.
How to Effectively Prevent and Treat Blisters
How can you prevent getting blisters on your feet from walking or running? Here are different ways to prevent blisters.
How a 30-Minute Walk Each Day Can Keep the Fat...
A clinical study shows walking or running 30 minutes a day prevents weight gain. More vigorous activity showed even more weight and fat loss.
How to Easily Calculate Your Basal Metabolic Rate
Definition of BMR. See the definition of basal metabolic rate and find out how to calculate the number of calories you burn each day at rest.
How to Train for Long Distance Walks
Use this training advice to prepare to walk long distance ultra events.
10 Slick Waterproof Jackets for Rainy Days
Top picks for waterproof jackets for walking in the rain.
Treadmill Walking Tips for Seniors
Seniors walking on the treadmill: holding on when on the treadmill is bad technique despite age. Let go to improve balance, posture, and walking ability.
How to Use the Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity...
The Fitbit Zip is a wireless activity tracker pedometer that can sync with smartphones via bluetooth and the Fitbit app.
Use this Training Plan to Walk a Half Marathon
Use this training plan to build mileage to walk or run/walk a half marathon. You steadily increase distance over 16 weeks before the race.
7 Strategies to Prevent Blisters
How walkers can prevent blisters, with seven tactics to use to keep your feet blister-free.
20-Minute Brisk Walking Workout
Use this 20-minute brisk walking workout to burn calories and get the moderate-intensity exercise you need each day to reduce health risks.
Is Dr. Scholl's FootMapping Useful?
Dr. Scholl's FootMapping kiosks measure feet and recommend a Custom Fit Orthotic. Podiatrists comment whether to trust this and what works best.
What You Can Do for Flatfoot and Fallen Arches
Flatfoot and fallen arches can cause pain and limit desire to exercise, while walking flat-footed can be a bad walking habit Here are solutions.
6 Great Ways to Get an Indoor Walking Workout
When walking outside isn't a pleasant option, take your walking indoors on treadmill, track, or marching to videos. Here are ideas to keep moving.

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