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Should I Vary My Walking Workout?


Updated May 13, 2014

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Brisk Walking

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Question: Should I Vary My Walking Workout?

Question: I walk every day. I have 2 different walking routes. One is very flat, and the other way has some incline to it. Is it good to vary your walking workouts?

Answer: Yes! Workout variety is a key to fitness, recovery, and building endurance and muscles.

Easy - Hard Workouts Variation

You should alternate easy days with harder days. Easy vs. hard comes in three variables:

Distance: A hard distance day is one of long, slow distance. This is your mileage-building day. If you are training for a half-marathon or marathon, this is done one day each week, adding 1 mile per week or 2 miles every two weeks.

Speed: A hard day is one done with a speed workout, but often at your standard or shorter distance.

Intensity: A hard day for intensity would be one with hills or on a rough trail. These workout muscles you don't use on flat and/or smooth surface walks.

Walking Workouts

Health Walk: This is the Easy day walk, use it the day after one of the Hard walks for recovery.
Fat-Burning Walk: The optimal fat-burning zone still qualifies as an easy day, you can use it in exchange with the Health Walk as a recovery day after a Hard day.
Distance Walk: This is a Hard day due to building distance. You should follow it the next day with an easy walk day or a rest day.
Aerobic Walk: This walk brings up your heart rate into the training zone and builds aerobic capacity. It is a moderately Hard day.
Threshold Walk: This walk brings you to your top heart rate for training and builds the body systems to allow you to walk faster. It is a Hard day.
Economy Speed Walk: This walk builds speeds through little sprints. It is a Hard day.
Ideal Weekly Schedule: If you are already walking 5 or more daysper week for 60 minutes or more, this schedule can turn your walking into a true fitness program.

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