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Spring Walking: Tune-up Your Goals


Updated June 07, 2014

Write Your Goals
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Time to reassess your goals. You may have started this winter setting a goal to be able to walk a mile or two, and now that is a breeze. Or you may have started with the lofty goal of doing a marathon, but now believe that is out of reach. Time to set new, realistic goals.

The essentials of a good fitness goal are:

  • Realistic: The goal should be challenging, but realistically achievable. Don't set you sights too low, but also don't set yourself up for failure.
  • Measurable: Your goal should be stated in a way that can be measured. How many miles a week? How many pounds or inches to lose? What 10K distance time? Finishing a marathon by what date?
  • Dated: Set dates by which you will attain the goal and intermediate goals along the way.
  • Written down: Your goal should be made concrete so you can review it.
  • Track your progress: Keep your goal in sight and see what steps you are making towards attaining it.
  • Celebrate success: Along the way when you reach new milestones, it is time to celebrate. And when you achieve your overall goals, don't hold back - reward yourself.


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