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3 Tage IML Einhornmarsch Seefeld Austria


Updated September 06, 2006


Seekirchl in Seefeld

Wendy Bumgardner © 2006

About the Walk:

The 3 Tage IML Einhornmarsch in Seefeld Austria is an IML Walking Association and IVV sanctioned walking event in the Tyrol region of the Austrian Alps. Walk distances include 42Km, 30Km, 20Km or 10Km. To earn the IML stamp, a walker must complete at least 20 Km per day for both days.


The walk is held the third weekend of September.

Organization and Contacts:

Seefeld Rathaus
A-6100 Seefeld

tel. +43 5212 23 13
fax: +43 5212 33 55
e-mail: info@seefeld.tirol.at
internet: www.iml-tirol.at

Location and Walking Course:

The walking courses are on wide ski trails on the Tyrolean plateau, usually paved or small gravel. It is enjoyable light hiking suitable for light hiking boots or trail shoes. Enjoy mountain restaurants at the checkpoints every 5 kilometers. The walks are at altitude of approximately 4000 feet above sea level. There are hills.
Photo Gallery of Seefeld, Austria Walk

Registration and Fees:

20 Euros Pre-Registration fee, or $25 at the event covers all three days, including medal and IML and IVV stamps. IVV stamp only is 6.60 Euros for all three days.


I walked the Einhornmarsch in 2002 and enjoyed is thoroughly despite constant rain. The walking routes were through forest and meadow on wide, well-drained ski trails that could allow people to walk 2-3 abreast in both directions. The views of the Alps would have been better without the overcast, but it still was a wonderful walk I would attend again.

About Seefeld, Austria:

Seefeld is a holiday town noted for both its winter skiing and its summer walking. You can take a self-guided walking holiday there as the walking routes are well-marked and maps are sold at all stores in town. You can arrive via train or car. The Seefeld walk is a nice stop on your way to Oktoberfest in Munich, which starts the same weekend. Also visit nearby Innsbruck.

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