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Fun Walking Team Names - Portland to Coast Relay Walk


Updated August 27, 2008

Coming up with a clever team name adds fun to the Portland to Coast Relay Walk.
Team Shirt

Team Shirt

Wendy Bumgardner © 2008
Sampling of team names 2008:

Team Wecantthinkofafrigginname
(Well, they were honest!)

Roamin Goddesses
Holy Walkamolies
No Walker Left Behind
School Of Walk
Walkie Talkies
Hot Flashers
Eleven Thongs & A Granny Panty
Rumpled Old Men
Going Coastal!
Coast Busters

Team Names About the Pain
Another Bad Idea
Duh Agony Of Duh Feet
Dragin Tails
Sisters With Blisters
Mega Hurts
Certin To Be Hurtin
Oh Shins 12
Its All About The Legs
Last Gasp
Babes Out Of Breath
Blister Sisters
Sweaty Betties
Suckin Wind To Coast
Bust N Butts N Blisters
Team Tenderfoots
Cottage Cheeks
Walking Wounded
The Knights Of Knee

Team Names About the Van Experience
Team Rwethereyet?
Put A Cork In It!
Quitcherbitchen And Walk
Ride Walk Ride
You Snooze You Lose
Stumble Mumble
Sleepless In Seaside
Hey Dude Wheres My Van

Team Names About Speed (or Lack Thereof)
Should Be Joggin
Chicks Who Wouldn't Run
These Colors Won't Run
Runners Walking
Too Outta Shape For H2c
Inching Down The Coast
DNR: Do Not Run
The Slowskis
Cmon Awhana Beacha
The Half Fast Crew
Leaders Of The Back
Banana Slugz
Slow Motion To The Ocean
Lost In Pace
Speed Bumps

Lots of Sole Puns
Sole Sisters
Seasoned Soles
Sole Phenomenon
Solely For Fun
Sole Purpose
Sole Survivors
No Blistered Soles
Enlightened Soles
Soleful Strutters
Sole Mates
Celestial Soles
Sock And Sole
Collective Soles
Graceful Soles
Weary Soles
Queens Of Sole
Eight Crazy Soles
Fire In The Sole
Struttin Sole Sistahs

And One Team Thinking All About the Finish Line Announcement:
And In First Place

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