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Walk of Life Day 56


Updated December 17, 2012

Today's Walk
Rest Day

Exercise: Abs

Crosstraining - Dance
Dancing is excellent exercise as well as a fun social activity. You can dance alone where nobody sees you, join a club or find a place where people gather to dance. Your walking has helped build your stamina, now it's time to boogie!

After Eight Weeks
How are you doing after 8 weeks in the Walk of Life Program? Are you meeting the goals you set your first week? Time to set new ones?

Many people are in a habit of drinking soda, without realizing how much the calories can add up - especially with free refills. Switching to diet is a good option to reduce calories. Switching to water is even better.
Weight Loss Survivor Tips

Recipe of the Day
No-Cook Low Carb Cheesecake

Spa Freebies and Giveaways

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