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Let's Go on a Year-Round Self-Guided AVA Walk


Updated March 25, 2014

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What is a Year-Round Walk?
Wheaton Brookside Gardens

Wheaton Brookside Gardens

Freestate Happy Wanderers / Bob Wolfe
When you are looking for a great walking route in your area, or a walking tour to enjoy on a day trip or long vacation, you best bet are the 1800+ walking routes established by the volkssport clubs of the USA and Canada, most available free to the public.

The American Volkssport Association and Canadian Volkssport Federation are the largest organizations of walking clubs in America. Their 600 clubs host non-competitive walks which are open to the public. Over 1800 self-guided walking routes are available for you to enjoy any day.

You can plan a walking vacation or find great routes to enjoy near your home. Each trail is about 10K (6 miles) long, and may be in any kind of terrain - city, suburb, parks, forests, countryside.

I'll show you how to find these walks and enjoy them.

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