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Treadmills and Treadmill Workouts

How to use your treadmill to get a good walking workout. Enjoy these treadmill workouts to prevent treadmill boredom.
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Get the Most from Your Treadmill Walking Workouts
Our guide to using your treadmill effectively with good walking form and a variety of workouts.

Weekly Plan to Lose Weight Treadmill Walking
This plan uses a variety of treadmill workouts to lose weight.

Treadmill Walking Mistakes to Avoid
Are you getting the most out of your treadmill workout? You may be making mistakes that make your workout less efficient. Here are treadmill walking mistakes to avoid.

Treadmill Calories
How many treadmill calories are you really burning? Find the most accurate ways to estimate your treadmill calories burned.

Treadmill walking can be a long grind. Here are ways people keep themselves entertained while treadmill walking.

Treadmill or Outside Walking - Which is Better?
Are there advantages to walking on a treadmill versus walking outdoors? Find out in what ways one is better than the other.

How Do You Beat Treadmill Boredom?
How do you battle treadmill boredom? How do you keep from being bored during a treadmill workout?

Treadmill Hill Workouts
Don't avoid the hills. Use the incline feature of your treadmill to add intensity.

High Intensity Intervals Treadmill Workout
Get intense. Use high intensity intervals in your treadmill workouts to bust through fitness and weight loss plateaus.

The Treadmill - Dumbbell Workout
Working out on the treadmill with dumbbells can enhance your treadmill workout.

Jumping Intervals on the Treadmill
Jumping intervals on the treadmill exercises alternate muscles for a unique treadmill workout.

Walking and Jogging Backwards on the Treadmill
Walking backwards on the treadmill exercises alternate muscles for a unique treadmill workout.

Sprints and Hills Treadmill Workout
The intensity segments of this workout involve both hills (or resistance, depending on the machine you're using) and sprints so you work the heart and body in different ways. This workout can be done on any cardio machine or outside.

Stop Holding Onto the Treadmill
Why is holding onto the handrails on a treadmill a bad habit? Trainer Lorra Garrick explains how it reduces the good effects of your workout.

How to Kick the Treadmill-Gripping Habit
Pump up your treadmill workout by letting go. Personal trainer Lorra Garrick tells how to train yourself to stop holding onto the treadmill.

Top 17 Excuses for Holding onto the Treadmill
Top 17 excuses for holding onto the treadmill. Let go of the treadmill handrails to get a better workout, and stop using these excuses.

A Treadmill Buddy Helps Boost Your Treadmill Workout
Having a buddy to walk with on side-by-side treadmills helps boost dedication to your treadmill walking program and overcome treadmill boredom.

Treadmill Walking for Seniors
Seniors can learn to walk on the treadmill without holding onto the rails.

Special Populations and the Treadmill
Special Populations and the Treadmill: even those with special challenges should wean themselves from holding on when on the treadmill.

Treadmill Jogging: Do You Hold On? Let Go for Better Treadmill Training
Why you should not hold onto the handrails when jogging on the treadmill. Holding onto the treadmill reduces training effects of treadmill running.

Walking Workouts
Vary your walking workouts and exercise routines to build fitness and develop a leaner body and increased metabolism. You can use these workouts on the treadmill or outdoors.

Cardio Workouts - Boredom Busters!
The following workouts involve building endurance and burning calories by changing your speed, resistance and/or incline. The settings are samples only, so modify the workouts according to your fitness level. Use the Perceived Exertion Scale to determine how hard you're working. Check with your doctor before you start any exercise program.

About Treadmill Walking
Treadmill workouts, how to choose one, where to buy.  From your About.com Guide.

20 Best Treadmill Workouts
Dave McGovern reprints his article with 20 different ways to use your treadmill.

Beat Treadmill Boredom
Keep your treadmill from being a dreadmill with these ways to maintain interest. From iVillage.

Burn 300 Calories in 30 Minutes
If you're trying to burn calories and lose weight using cardio machines, I have a challenge for you: Put down the magazine, turn off the television and (gasp) stop looking at your watch.

Treadmill 101
How to get started on a treadmill, from iVillage.

Should You Use a Treadmill Desk?
To combat sitting disease, you may want to walk slowly on a treadmill as you work, study, or watch video. Here's how to find and use a treadmill desk.

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