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Top 8 Treadmill Workout Videos


Updated May 17, 2014

Enhance your treadmill workout with treadmill workout videos. These videos also include treadmill workouts in scenic places around the world.

1. TreadMoves Aerobic Cardio Blast Video

Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Pump up your treadmill workout. This videos take you through a full body workout on your treadmill. It includes beginner and advanced moves -- follow the instructor of your choice. These videos are available on DVD.
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2. Virtual Walk DVDs

Each DVD has 60 minutes of great scenery, filmed with a SteadiCam to ensure you don't get seasick watching. You follow along on a walk through destinations such as Italy, England's quaint Cotwolds, London, Egypt, or Hawaii. There is no narration, just walking.

3. WalkingStrong

Tracey Staehle takes you through a 55-minute cardio workout on the treadmill or walking in place. The workout is broken into five minute segments of warm-up, stretching and walking. Tracey demonstrates a workout variation for advanced exercisers while another walker, Bobbie, shows a beginners treadmill variation and fellow walker Jillian demonstrates doing the same workout while walking in place. Speed and incline changes are shown onscreen for each of the treadmills throughout the video.
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4. VideoStride Treadmill Walking Videos

Like Virtual Walk, this video provides some scenery from your treadmill. Each destination video has two workouts totaling 60 minutes for an intermediate level workout. The destinations include Switzerland, Hawaii, and Banff Canada.

5. VideoHiker Treadmill Walking Videos

Walk an advanced workout through wonderful scenery. The video contains three workouts for 60 minutes of bliss. The destinations include the Grand Canyon, Maui, and my favorite hiking spot on earth - the Swiss Alps.

6. Scenic Trex DVDs

Scenic Trex Videos
Wendy Bumgardner © 2009
Filmed in continuous motion, you'll feel like you are actually trekking in majestic outdoor settings during your treadmill workout. Their two popular titles are "Beachside Jungle" and "Rainforest," filmed in the Caribbean.

7. Starling Fitness Walking Videos

Laura Moncur has produced inexpensive videos of her walks. Destinations include Salt Lake City, San Antonio, and a California beach.

8. Trek Ireland - Glendalough Valley

Trek Ireland DVD
Wendy Bumgardner

Take a walk or jog on lovely Ireland trails from your treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike. This 117 minute DVD features three trails in the Glendalough Valley. The scenery includes forests, waterfalls, lakes and the 1000-year old monastery. A walker symbol comes up if you want details about the history and nature of the area being shown.

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