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Top 7 Mid-Range Treadmills


Updated June 18, 2014

Treadmills for $1500 - $3000 are considered mid-range treadmills, suitable for home use. They should have sturdy construction and may extras to make your workout interesting and enjoyable. The following were recommended by various sources in my research.

1. Smooth 9.65LC Treadmill

Smooth 9.65LC Treadmill 920x640
Smooth Fitness

When TreadmillDoctor calls this the best treadmill Smooth has ever made, we listen. Maybe it's the huge 4.0 HP continuous duty motor and the great warranty (lifetime on parts, motor and frame, 2 years on labor). The deck is also big -- 21 inches wide and 64 inches long. Smooth includes a wide range of 28 pre-set programs, including a fitness test and a heart-rate controlled program. While it has built-in grip pulse monitors, you have to add your own chest strap heart rate monitor if you want that level of accuracy. They include a good sound system with a port for your iPod or other device. If you want to have a built-in TV, they have a 9.65 TV version (Buy Direct) for only $130 more.

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2. LifeSpan TR4000i Treadmill

LifeSpan TR4000i Treadmill
© Lifespan
This treadmill was one of our 2011 Readers' Choice nominees and also well-rated by TreadmillDoctor.com. By means of a USB port, LifeSpan can update the computer software for the treadmill rather than letting it go obsolete. Users can also upload their workout data to a free, private web profile and track their progress. It has a media port to plug in your iPod or other player. The motor is 3.25 HP for users up to 350 pounds. The 21 built-in workouts are grouped by weight loss, healthy living, sports training, heart rate controlled, and user-defined.
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3. Lifefitness T3 Treadmill

Life Fitness T3 Treadmill
© Pricegrabber

The Lifefitness T3 has gotten good reviews from several sites, including Consumer Guide. It has over a dozen different workouts, including five that are heart rate controlled with the included Polar heart rate monitor. It has a 3.0 HP motor. Two users can have their own individual profiles on the machine.

4. Sole F85 Treadmill

Sole F85 Treadmill
© Pricegrabber

The 3.5 HP continuous duty motor is a big motor for this price range. It is rated for users up to 400 pounds. The Sole F85 has both grip EKG and chest heart readouts. It has 6 Standard, 2 User Defined and 2 Heart Rate programs. You can plug in your iPod or other device, and keep cool with its cooling fans. TreadmillDoctor.com gives it a runner-up in its price category overall for 2011, plus calls it "the best fold-up on the planet."

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5. Lifespan TR3000-HRC Treadmill

Lifespan TR3000-HRC Treadmill
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
TreadmillDoctor.com rates this as a runner-up best buy for 2006, citing great look and quality finish. It comes in at just over $1500, so it is one of the least expensive in this category, especially with heart rate control features. It has a 2.75 HP motor and features a longer deck for those with longer strides.
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6. Pacemaster Platinum Pro VR

Pacemaster Platinum Pro VR Treadmill
Courtesy of Pricegrabber

The PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR won our Readers' Choice Award for mid-range treadmills in 2011. It touts bringing an outdoor experience to an indoor treadmill, with virtual reality workouts including the Appalachian Trail and Tahoe Rim. It features an orthopedic shock-absorbing belt. The motor is 3.0 hp and it can handle users up to 350 pounds. The company doesn't sell online in the US, but you may be able to find it from another retailer.

7. BodyGuard T240 Treadmill

Bodyguard T240 Treadmill
Courtesy of Pricegrabber
Motor 2.75 HP. Has 6 preset workouts and a heart-rate control workout. For users up to 350 pounds. TreadmillDoctor.com gave this a Best Buy rating for under $2000 for 2006, praising its warranty and solid construction.

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