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Horizon Fitness Paragon Treadmill - Discontinued

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Updated October 25, 2013

The Bottom Line

For the price, the Horizon Fitness Paragon treadmill is a good home treadmill. It is especially good for those with a long stride. Look for a used or close-out model as the Paragon has been discontinued.


  • Long 60" surface for long strides
  • Wood grain detailing
  • 10 year motor warranty


  • Discontinued.


  • Horse Power Rating: 2
  • 6 pre-set workouts
  • Deck 19" x 60"

Guide Review - Horizon Fitness Paragon Treadmill - Discontinued

ConsumerGuide.com rated this as its pick in the $1000-$1500 category citing its long length and stylish wood grain trim. But they like Horizon Fitness treadmills in general and also recommend the Omega II as a Best Buy. It folds for storage. It has a pulse monitor in the handgrips and 6 preset programs. The 2000/2001 models were subject to recall for an electronics malfunction. Be sure to shop only for 2002 or later models.

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