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Top 10 Walking Cities of 2005


Updated June 03, 2014

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Best Walking City Competition shows that, now more than ever, people living in cities are stepping up their walking regimes. That's good news since, on average, every minute of walking can extend your life by about two minutes. They surveyed 200 U.S. incorporated cities based on three walking conducive categories: healthy lifestyles, modes of transportation to and from work and involvement in fitness and sport activities. Source: APMA

1. Arlington, Virginia

"On the cusp of the nation's capital, it may come as no surprise that 23 percent of the cities’ workers use public transportation to get around. Keeping on their feet maybe a way of life since 35 percent of Arlingtonians walk for exercise." If you want to see the best of Arlington and Washington DC, come enjoy the yearly ROA-US FreedomWalk Festival in October.

2. San Francisco, California

San Francisco Cable Cars
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"Getting to work by foot is not uncommon for this city by the bay with nine percent of residents walking and two percent biking. The walking conducive city touts 32 percent of its residents walk for exercise and 35 percent buy some type of athletic shoes."

3. Seattle, Washington

"It's not too far-fetched to expect a healthy lifestyle from residents living in Seattle. A whopping 35 percent walk for exercise and 36 percent buy some type of athletic shoes." The Seattle area is home to many volkssport walking clubs, who take advantage of the walker-friendly environment to offer events open to everyone.

4. Portland, Oregon

Portland Marathon Crosses St. Johns Bridge - Full Size
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"Residents of this Northwestern city spend a good deal of time on their feet walking their dogs. Close to 22 percent are dog owners." This walking city is home to many volkssport walking clubs, with free walking events offered throughout the year. Next door, Vancouver, Washington offers the April International Discovery Walk Festival, or enjoy one of the top marathons for walkers, the Portland Marathon, in October.

5. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Gardens
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"For many Bostonians, walking to work or using public transportation is a way of life with 45 percent of the population doing one or the other." One of the Top 10 Walks in the USA is the Boston Freedom Trail Walk, which you can enjoy self-guided any day of the year.

6. Washington, DC

Lincoln Memorial - DC
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"Getting around the nation's capital by subway or bus is preferred by 35 percent of the district's residents. And when they are not working, 11 percent are playing sports or walking for fitness." Of the top walking routes in the USA, three are in DC: DC Monuments Walk, the DC Georgetown Walk, and the DC Zoo/National Cathedral Walk. The yearly ROA-US FreedomWalk Festival tours DC in October.

7. New York City, New York

Central Park, New York City
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"Getting around the Big Apple is easy for New Yorkers with 51 percent of residents using public transportation and 12 percent walking to work." Even for a west coast country girl like me, walking in NYC is a joy, full of wonderful sights and sites. Three walking routes are often in the top 10 list, Manhattan Walks (both Upper and Lower 10K variations}, and the Central Park Walk.

8. Eugene, Oregon

"Walking is a way of life for 32 percent of residents living in this Oregon city. Whether it's walking the dog or pushing a stroller, twenty-two percent are dog owners and eight percent own baby strollers." Eugene has wonderful walking trails along the Willamette River, and is home to the Walk With Me marathon and half-marathon, as well as being the destination of the Willamette Valley Relay.

9. Jersey City, New Jersey

"Public transportation or walking is how 47 percent of the people who work in this gritty town get around. And when they are not working, 12 percent of the residents play sports or exercise once a week."

10. Denver, Colorado

"This versatile city lends itself to those in search of an active lifestyle. Eleven percent of residents walk for fitness or exercise and 12 percent play sports or exercise once a week."

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