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Allow Me - Umbrella Man Sculpture


Updated October 06, 2008

The sculpture "Allow Me" by J. Seward Johnson graces Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, Oregon. It is commonly referred to as Umbrella Man.
Allow Me Sculpture

Allow Me

Wendy Bumgardner © 2008
I pass by Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, Oregon very often on walks. This fun life-like sculpture is by J. Seward Johnson. However, native Oregonians are rarely fooled. First, he is using an umbrella. No real Oregonian uses an umbrella. We wear waterproof jackets with hoods or just let the rain fall on us. Nobody knows why, we just do.

Umbrella Man also appears to be hailing a cab, which would be uncommon in Portland. We have excellent free public transportation in downtown Portland, so most business people would hop on a Tri-Met bus or a Max light rail train rather than hailing a cab. Obviously, Umbrella Man is visiting from New York City.

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