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Take a Walking Vacation


Updated July 16, 2013

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site -

Discovery Walk Festival

Tired of walking around the neighborhood? Bored with the same old route taken by every single charity walk and fun walk/run in your area? Tired of gaining weight on every vacation? Time to hit the road and find new places to walk on a walking vacation.

How do you take a walking vacation?

  • Major Walking Events and Walking Festivals Plan your vacation around a major walking event such as a marathon or multi-day walk. Or, attend a walking festival or walking convention.

  • Walking or Trekking Tours: Book a walking vacation with a walking or hiking outfitter, enjoying the walks they offer while visiting scenic and historic places.

  • Do-it-yourself Walking Vacations: Select a place you want to visit and then look for walking opportunities in the area - paths, self-guided walks, suggested walking tours.

We have travel tips and budget options for each of these, including what to take on your walking vacation.

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