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Stretching and Flexibility Exercises

Stretching routines and flexibility exercises and drills to increase your mobility.
  1. Flexibility for Beginners

Stretching Principles and Guidelines
Should you stretch? How should you stretch? Here are guidelines.

Warm-Up Stretching Routine for Walkers
Use this stretching routine for an easy stretch of your walking muscles, either after an easy warm-up or as a separate stretching activity.

How to Walk - Stretching
Good stretching routine for walkers. From your About Guide.

Stretching and Flexibility Drills for Walkers
Loosen up with these routines.  From your About Guide.

Flexibility and Core Stregthening Gear
Developing core strength can help you maintain good walking posture. This gear can help you with core workouts.

Loosen Up and Look Thinner
Simple exercises can give you the right posture and help loosen up your shoulders and neck - look thinner, feel great. From your About Guide.

Stretching - Don't Bother
A review of medical studies finds no evidence that stretching prevents muscle pulls and other sports injuries.

Does Stretching Help Peformance?
A metastudy questions whether stretching improves sports performance and finds that a regular stretching program may help, but stretching right beforehand may decrease performance.

Shin Stretches
Learn how to properly and effectively stretch your shins.

Shoulder Stretches
How to stretch your shoulders.

Sports Massage for Walkers
Will massage help your sore muscles or improve your performance?

To Stretch or Not?
Stretching does not appear to reduce sports injuries, but does it have other benefits? From your About Guide to Sports Medicine.

Dynamic Flexibility Drills
Flexibility drills take your limbs and joints through a full range of motion, getting them ready to work smoothly through your walk at any speed. From Dave McGovern.

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