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Spiritual Walking

Walking has been used as part of spiritual exercises throughout history. We discuss walking spiritually in walking the labyrinth, walking mindfully, and meditating while walking.

Walking the Labyrinth
Labyrinth walking is seeing increased popularity. It is a quiet spiritual exercise used by many different spiritual traditions. Come see what it is about.

Musings While Walking a Labyrinth
Walking a labyrinth is a spiritual exercise to quiet, center, and allow contemplation and prayer. I took a walk through a labyrinth and share my experience and thoughts.

The Spirited Walker
Find out about using fitness walking as a spiritual journey in this interview with author Carolyn Scott Kortge, author of The Spirited Walker: Fitness Walking for Clarity, Balance and Spiritual Connection.

Take a MindWalk
Mindwalks: 100 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress, Stay Motivated and Nourish Your Soul is the solution to a problem you might not have known you had: how to add interest to your daily walk. MindWalks can do that.

Breathwalk - Breathing and Walking
Breathwalk is a mind/body walking and breathing technique for relaxing and connecting.

How Do You Use Walking to Connect to Your Spiritual Side
How do you use walking to connect to your spiritual side? Do you pray or meditate while walking? Sing spiritual songs or chant? Walk a labyrinth?

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