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WrightSock Merino Trail Double Layer Socks

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Updated June 30, 2012

WrightSock Merino Trail

WrightSock Merino Trail

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The Bottom Line

The combo of polyester inner sock and wool outer sock has been used by hikers for decades. WrightSock puts them together in one double layer sock. The inner Dri-WRIGHT sock wicks moisture to the outside, while the merino wool outer layer provides warmth. Together they help to prevent blisters. For those sensitive to wool, these socks have no itchiness.
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  • Double layer socks - Dri-WRIGHT polyester inner layer, wool outer layer
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Keeps feet dry and comfortable
  • Thin non-padded design


  • None


  • Polyester inner layer, merino wool outer layer
  • Anatomically shaped to stay put on your foot.
  • Compression zone at arch for foot support.
  • Machine-washable and machine-dryable.

Guide Review - WrightSock Merino Trail Double Layer Socks

The WrightSock Merino Trail sock provides insulation from heat and cold and helps prevent bisters with its double layer design. The inner Dri-WRIGHT polyester sock wicks the moisture to the outer sock, while the merino wool/nylon/spandex outer layer insulates. The sock is anatomically shaped so it will stay put on your foot.

They are machine washable and dryable. I found a slight amount of shrinkage on the first wash, but not the major shrinkage I've seen with some other WrightSock types in the past.

I am sensitive to wool and avoid it for its itchiness, but I found the double layer WrightSock to feel great and non-itchy. I wore these socks on a cold day, near freezing, with my mesh shoes. I felt only a little bit of cold.

The socks are not padded, which I appreciated as they fit well with my shoes and regular walking socks.

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