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Finding the Right Walking Shoes

How to select the right walking shoes for your foot type and walking style, plus reviews and buying guides.
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About.com Walking Shoe Guide and Reviews
How can you choose the best walking shoe? This guide tells you the difference between categories and how to find the right help to get you the best pair of walking shoes.

How Do I Find Out What Kind of Walking Shoe to Buy?
If you want to do your shoe shopping online or you don't have access to a good local running shoe store, here is how to know what kind of shoe is right for you.

When Should I Replace My Walking Shoes?
Walking shoes don't last forever. Find out how to tell when it's time to get new shoes?

Running Shoe vs. Walking Shoe
What are the differences between a running shoe and a walking shoe? Find out what makes a running shoe different from a walking shoe.

Can You Wear New Balance Running Shoes for Fitness Walking?
New Balance has a wide range of different styles for both running and walking. Can a walker wear their running shoes?

Can You Wear Running Shoes for Walking?
When picking the right shoes for walking, you may wonder whether to buy shoes labeled as walking shoes or go with good running shoes. Here is what to look for in the right shoes, which may indeed be running shoes.

How to Return Your Walking Shoes or Running Shoes
Know the shoe return policy when you buy a pair of walking shoes or a pair of running shoes so you don't get stuck with shoes that don't work for you.

Walking Shoe Wear Patterns
Photos of walking shoe wear patterns and worn out walking shoes. You should replace these worn out walking shoes.

Do I Really Need Trail Shoes for Walking on Park Trails?
Why should you buy trail shoes rather than using walking or running shoes on trails? Here are the reasons that trail shoes work better.

Do I Need Bigger Shoes?
The usual advice is to buy your walking shoes a half size bigger than your dress shoes. Do you need bigger shoes?

Before You Buy Walking Sandals
Whether you wear sandals for comfort or as your fitness footwear, here is what to look for in sandals.

Am I an Overpronator?
One of the keys to buying the right shoes is knowing whether you overpronate or not. Here is how to determine if you are an overpronator.

The Way You Walk: Pronation and Supination
What is your walking gait? Do you overpronate? Do you supinate? Are you neutral? Here is what each of those mean and which type of shoe is needed for each one.

Shoe Myths for Walkers: Mythbusting
Mythbusting shoe myths for walkers. We find the truth behind common beliefs about walking shoes, including how long shoes should last, shoe sizes, and lacing your shoes right.

Overpronation Definition - Walking Glossary
What is overpronation? A basic definition.

Pronation Definition - Walking Glossary
Pronation refers to the roll of your foot while walking.

Shoe Dog: Roadrunner Sports
Fill in the blanks to have the dog lead you to the best fitting shoes for you. From Roadrunner Sports.

Runner's World Shoefinder
Enter basics about your walking needs and this tool returns recommendations and comparisons.

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