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Walking for Seniors and Longevity

Walking is a great way to reach and enjoy your senior years.
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It's Not Too Late for Seniors to Start Exercising and Healthier Eating
It's not too late to start exercising and eating nutritiously late in life. People over age 65 can still reduce health risks by exercising and eating right.

Exercise to Live Longer
Are exercise recommendations really effective? Yes, as study found that you can reduce your risk of death by almost a third if you meet the guidelines for moderate or vigorous exercise each week.

Fitness Counts More than Fatness for Living Longer
A study finds that fitness levels count more than obesity and body fat for living longer.

Walking - an Anti-Aging Exercise
Walking could be a great anti-aging exercise. Just taking a simple walk has been shown to improve aging in people 60 and older.

The Senior Walker
Senior walkers - keeping young and healthy through walking and exercise

Walking is the Top Sport for Seniors
Walking is the number one sports activity for seniors.

Walking Excuse Busters - I'm Too Old to Exercise
Exercise is for young 'uns, right? Wrong!

Too-Frequent Urination - Sensitive Subjects for Walkers
Does it seem you need to stop to urinate more often than other people, and this disrupts your walking comfort? Here are solutions.

Stress Urinary Incontinence
Stress urinary incontinence is the leakage of urine during physical activity, sneezing, coughing and other actions. It affects one out of three women at some point in their lives and may lead to women restricting their physical activity. But there are solutions.

Walk and Live Longer Through Walking
Lower your risk of dying with just two miles a day of walking.

Shawna's Story of Stress Urinary Incontinence
Shawna tells her story of how stress urinary incontinence was restricting her desire to exercise. She found a permanent solution and is training for a half marathon.

Weight Loss for Seniors
The About.com Guide to Senior Health describes how losing weight is more challenging for seniors and compiles the best weight loss advice for seniors.

Walking Reduces Dementia Risk
A 2007 study shows vascular dementia risks are reduced by regular moderate intensity exercise.

Exercise Reduces Risk of Dementia
Two studies in the Sept. 22, 2004 issue of "Journal of the American Medical Association" have added to evidence that walking and other physical activity keeps your brain functioning better as you age and may reduce the risks of dementia.

The Walking Grandma - Walking for Moms of All Ages
Walking is a very popular activity for women reaching the grandmother years. The body changes of menopause can bring on a concern about maintaining fitness, losing weight, and keeping bone density high through weight-bearing exercise such as walking.

Exercise Boosts Brain Power
Study published in Nature in July, 1999 shows that exercise keeps the brain moving, too. From BBC News.

Inactivity Takes Healthy Years Off of Life
Our Longevity Guide reports on a study that concluded that being inactive takes 7 healthy years off of your life.

Walking With a Cane
Canes are often used to assist in balance, widen ones base of support, and decrease weight bearing on a lower extremity. In order to achieve these functions, however, one must know how to properly use a cane. Here I will review the appropriate way to walk safely with a cane on level surfaces.

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