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Cool Point Hand-Cooling Device

Cooling Device for Walkers and Runners

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Updated March 24, 2013

BEX Runner

BEX Runner

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This handy device is a frozen gel pack that attaches to your palm with a velcro strap. The designer says that the hand is a natural radiator for the body, and cooling the palm can result in a cooler body core. Walkers and runners may feel less heat effect if they use the Cool Point. I found the device to be easy and comfortable to wear. It weighs little and should not contribute to strain if worn while exercising.

Core Cooling in the Palm of Your Hand

The Cool Point is a gel pack encased in an insulated nylon pouch, strapped to the palm of your hand. To prepare it for use, freeze for four hours. Then take it out and put it on, adjusting the strap so that it is in full contact with your palm without having to grip it.

The theory is that the hands are natural radiators for the body, and I think any of us who experience how our hands heat up when walking on a cold day can attest to that. By cooling the palm, the blood returning from the arteries to the veins is cooled as it returns to your core. In theory, this may assist in cool down after your workout or help keep you cooler during your workout.

I found the Cool Point to be well-designed. It is easy and comfortable to wear. It doesn't cool your hand so much that you feel discomfort, but it is a welcome coolness on a hot day. It also is lightweight and should not add any strain when worn during a workout.

The whole device is hand-washable, which is probably a good idea after getting it sweaty with palm sweat. Allow it to dry before putting it back into the freezer for its next use.


The product insert warns that this cold device should not be used by people with diabetes, circulatory problems, or those sensitive to temperature extremes. It is a non-toxic gel of glycerin and acrylic polymer, but it's best if you don't let your pets or children use it as a chew toy.
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 5 out of 5
This product ROCKS!, Member ishmark

I live in the heat and I use this product to bring down my core tempature while doing any sort of physical activity outdoors. It allows me work out harder, work out in the yard longer, or ""beat the heat"" while watching my son play baseball in 100' heat and humidity. I highly recommend this item to anyone wanting to stay cool on a hot summers day.

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